Many of the best adventures are the ones you have under canvas. When you camp, you get to spend quality time in nature, watching the stars, biking, hiking, climbing trees, and finding out more about yourself than you ever thought you would. 

However, if you’ve never been camping before, it can seem like a pretty daunting prospect. There are so many things that can go wrong from bad weather to getting lost, that it pays to be as prepared as you possibly can be for your camping adventures.

With that in mind, here are some of our top tips to help you ensure your next camping trip goes off without a hitch.

Take your Camping Trip off the beaten track
Camping off the Beaten Path along a lake at sunset

One of the things that can really ruin a camping trip for a lot of adventurous sorts is, sad to say, other people. If you hit up a popular campsite, chances are there will be a lot of other people there, and although many o them will be totally chill and a lot of fun to get to know, some won’t. So, if you want to be sure that you’ll have an amazing time, without being interrupted by jerks or forced to tone it down because there’s a sweet family camping right across from you, take it off the beaten track and find the remotest (safe) spot to camp you can.

Wild camping is so much more exciting because you’re more isolated, the nature around you is often more rugged, and there’s always a sense that anything can happen, It’s something everyone should try at least once.

Camping is a great way to spend quality time in nature while watching the stars, hiking, or other activities. But being prepared is key to having it go off without a hitch! See how to plan the best Camping Trip possible!
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Don’t forget to pack the essentials

You might want your backpack to be as light as possible because let’s face it, it’s no fun carrying around the equivalent to a small adult on your back, but that doesn’t mean you can skimp on the essentials. As well as packing enough clothing suitable for all weather conditions, including waterproof clothing and shoes, you should also ensure that you have a decent flashlight and plenty of 18650 button top battery supplies so that you’re never without light. You’ll also want to make sure you have a decent water filter so that you
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