>Ever wanted to know how to detail a car so that it looks like it has just been driven out of a showroom? Master-Detailer, Daniela Friedl, reveals the secret to achieving the perfect result.

Just one glance at Daniela Friedl while she actively detailing cars shows the passion Friedl has for cars.

As she slides her cleaning pad over the sides of the Porsche 911, just sufficiently firm enough to eliminate any marks, there’s a trace of kindness. Despite having a great passion for cars, she has no love for grime over vehicles- the focus of her business.

Daily, Friedl faces all kinds of dirt and grease: tar spots on the paintwork, bird droppings, dirt that sprays around the edges of the wheel arches, brake dust, surface rust, dead insects on the windows and windshields, oily patches on the engine, and grease marks on the leather upholstery. If one considers dirt an enemy, Friedl faces an army each working day, but the battle is never lost.

“For me, cars are like guests, and you do your best for them,” says Friedl, who works at the Swissvax Car Spa in Baierbrunn, at the Munich suburb. Friedl’s schedule is always full, most especially in spring, when the customers require her skills to make their cars look fresh again after a long winter.

When it comes to auto detailing, Friedl frequently works on a car for two to three days for a complete detail and focuses solely on one vehicle at a time.

“We do this job as our profession, but there are a lot of things you can do at home too if you follow a specific checklist,”

Friedl offers her expert knowledge in how to detail a car so your car too can restore its beauty similar to a car detailing service.

1. Begin with Hand Washing

Car washing must begin with a thorough hand wash. In German towns and cities, people are not allowed to wash their cars privately in most towns and cities, so she recommends a self-service ‘wash box.’ Friedl doesn’t advise going to an automatic car wash as they can leave fine scratches and swirl marks on the paint surface, and for her, scratches are much like dirt, “they take away a lot of the shine and form ugly holograms.” 

While working on the Porsche 911 car’s exterior, she sprays it with water and then proceeds to lather it from top to bottom using a concentrated pH-neutral shampoo in a bucket of warm clean water (soapy water). With a pad in hand, she runs it up and down the car as she works.

“The first rule is always work in vertical or

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Title: How to Detail a Car – Secrets Revealed from a Master-Detailer
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