Ever had to deal with a broken car window? 

How uncomfortable that is! One, you are constantly worried that the police may stop you. Worse still! Imagine there is extreme weather, something like rainfall or wind. How do you drive comfortably under such circumstances?

In this article, we will look at a step-by-step technique you can use to cover your broken car window. We will also look at what could cause a broken car window and why you should cover it.

What can cause a broken car window?

Understanding why your car windows could break could help you take precautions against it. Below are some common causes of why it could happen:

CollisionThis is arguably the most common reason. Even minor collisions can cause the glass to form a crack, leading to it breaking under minimum pressure. After a collision, it is advisable to use OBD2 scan tools to diagnose which systems could be affected by the crash. To find out more about car diagnostic tools, you can visit obdadvisor.com to read more detailed and honest reviews about them. 

Break-Ins. Another common cause of broken car windows. It could be done by thieves who hope to find valuables in your car.

Impact of debris. This could be anything from rock chips on the road to tree parts falling as you drive by.

Damage development. This could happen as a consequence of the window not being properly installed. Undue pressure could cause the window to break.

Heat. Extreme temperature can cause the glass to shatter. Though this is rare, it can happen. The sudden temperature change can cause the glass to break, e.g., pouring cold water on your windows as you clean during extreme heat temperature.

Why Should You Cover Your Broken Car Window

Car windows provide protection and a clear view as you drive. However, accidents happen, and windows may end up getting shattered. As a precaution, before you can get it permanently fixed, you should cover it.  

Covering your window provides a sense of:


Accidents happen, and people understand that. Driving your car with no windows does not inspire confidence from other road users. Covering your windows will give the impression of someone who cares! Someone who is covering only as a temporary measure. 

Plus, properly covering your window gives more of a ‘complete’ look than when it has no windows.

Safety for you and your passengers

There are many foreign objects on the road as you drive. This ranges from flying birds to road debris. By covering your windows, you protect the driver from foreign objects such as dirt particles that may affect his driving. You also

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