what makes a man attractive

We all know that guy.

The man surrounded by people who hang on his every word. He’s a leader and people respect him. He’s probably got a beautiful girlfriend or wife, an amazing house and an awesome car.

Wherever he goes – he attracts success and opportunity.

This guy has it all. But how does he do it?

It comes down to attraction.

And I’m not talking about his physical appearance. Attractive men possess key character traits which help them get ahead – and stay ahead.

So how can you emulate them? And what if you’re doing things now which make you unattractive, and you don’t even realize it?

In today’s article, I give you the 8 things attractive men NEVER do – so you know exactly what to avoid.


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1. Attractive Men Don’t Stress Out & Shrink Their Brains!

stress man

You know those men that complain about EVERYTHING?

Seriously – these guys could win the lottery and they’d still complain.

A 1996 study out of Stanford University found that complaining (or even being complained to) for 30 minutes or more can physically shrink your brain!

And over a lifetime, this can shrink the left hippocampus up to 26%!

So gents – keep your stress levels in check because stressing is a complete waste of time.

Like a rocking chair, stressing gives you something to do but it won’t get you anywhere. Think about it:

  1. You can complain about things outside of your control
  2. You can complain about things inside of your control

If something’s outside of your control, you can literally do NOTHING to change it. And if something is inside your control – get off your rear end and do something about it.

“A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.” – Charles Darwin

Be accountable. Don’t complain or stress – use that energy to make positive changes in your life.


2. Attractive Men Never Follow The Herd

man stand out from the crowd

Gents – the attractive man marches to his own beat.

He’s a leader, not a follower. I’m not advising you to avoid being part of a group – this should be an important part of your life – but don’t do things just because everyone else does.

Do something because it’s in line with your life objectives and your values.

An independent man – one who can be by himself and has unique interests, projects and experiences – is far more interesting and driven than the average male. He’s exciting and inspires curiosity, and women love this.

You’ll never learn how to be attractive as a man if you follow fashion trends, popular culture, social media, and what your parents told you was the right thing to do.

Become an attractive man by setting standards for yourself and reaching them, and by finding things which develop your character and bring joy to your life.

This doesn’t mean you give the world the finger and do whatever you want regardless of what other people do or think. It just means you should take control of your life and forge your own path.


3. Attractive Men Never Lack Confidence


According to the American Association for Suicide Prevention, men are 3.6x more likely to commit suicide than women. Low self-esteem and lack of confidence are top factors when it comes to male suicide.

Attractive men never lack confidence in themselves because they address their problems head-on. Those issues you complain about? Take 100% ownership and fix them. Don’t let your problems build up – they’ll consume you.

If you look in the mirror and don’t see something you like – change it. If you like what you see – awesome! You do you and do it to the best of your ability.

If you’re feeling down, talk to a friend or seek a professional’s help. There’s no shame in this – in fact, deciding to take a stand and seek help requires courage and this is honorable and admirable.

Be the hero of your own movie.


4. Attractive Men Never Boast

new show off

There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance.

Confident men are self-assured. Arrogant men brag with an exaggerated sense of self-worth. Why do they do this? Because they’re insecure and they want to make you feel insecure too.

According to Dr. Susan Whitbourne (Professor Emerita of Psychological and Brain Science at the University of Massachusetts), there are 4 indicators of braggart insecurity:

  1. The braggart tries to make you feel insecure about yourself by projecting his insecurities onto you.
  2. The braggart needs to showcase his accomplishments so he continually recalls past triumphs in order to convince himself he is worthy.
  3. He “humblebrags” in the form of self-deprecatory statements which are really excuses to drop important names or identify high-status details. The braggart frequently complains things aren’t good enough.
  4. The braggart proclaims his high standards as a way of demonstrating that he is better than everyone else.

Studies show that women find men who speak less more attractive than men who talk a lot. The “strong silent type” gets a bad reputation but I think it’s useful. Choose your words wisely. Think before you speak and never brag. Don’t appear self-absorbed and insecure – you’re impressing no one.


5. Attractive Men Never Point The Finger Of Blame


Nobody likes a man who constantly blames his problems on someone else.

You’ll make mistakes. We all do – but own up to them and learn from them. Passing the blame to someone else is like giving up the responsibility for your actions. And this is like giving away your man card. Do you really want this?

Men – especially attractive men – only point the finger of blame when justified.

“Blaming others is nothing more than excusing yourself” – Robin Sharma

The attractive man doesn’t wallow in self-pity. He doesn’t drink himself into a stupor every night. He takes action, he works to fix whatever has happened.

As I said in point 1 – focus your energy and actions only on what you can control.


6. Attractive Men Never Live Without Purpose


Your sole purpose in life is not to pursue women.

Read that again.

Too many guys put women on pedestals then wonder why they’re bombing out and constantly getting friend-zoned. (Or not getting any dates at all.)

This type of man becomes an overbearing, jealous and creepy stalker – and no woman wants that.

Women want men with purpose. An attractive man has a woman in his life because she enhances him but she’s not the basis of his existence.

Women are biologically attracted to men who achieve great things in life because they’re the ones who will be the best providers and fathers.

A man who is in charge of himself and his world shows authority, decisiveness and he takes the lead – and women respect this.

But a man who constantly defers to a woman in order to please and appease her is spineless and gets rejected time and time again, no matter how good looking he is or how much money he makes.

Your priority in life should be to find your purpose – something that lights you up and gives you a sense of fulfillment. If you haven’t found your purpose yet – keep searching. You will.

A sense of purpose makes you a more centered man and trust me, you’ll attract far more women than you did before.


7. Attractive Men Don’t Act Like Velcro

clingy man how to be attractive as a man

Attractive men don’t stick to women like Velcro. They have their own lives and their own friends.

According to University of Massachusetts psychologist Paula Pietromonaco – in 9 out of 10 clingy relationships, the person doing the clinging is doing it because they’re afraid.

You risk your life every single day. Driving a car, lifting weights, taking a walk — at any moment you could die while doing those things.

If you want to know how to be attractive as a man – you can’t be afraid to take a chance. On top of that, being clingy pushes away women. It’s unattractive.

Women want to feel loved, pampered and cared for but all relationships need space and trust. Don’t constantly check on her or be overly protective.

Focus on trusting her and giving her enough “me” time. (And you need that “me” time too!)


8. Attractive Men Take Care Of Their Personal Hygiene

yellow white teeth

I’ve covered the importance of your grooming game time and time again and attractive men know this. The devil is in the details and so is your attractiveness. Attractive men are always clean and well-groomed.

I’m not just talking about facial hair. Yellow teeth, nails (fingers and toes), unruly body hair, unclean shoes, dirty shirts — all of these are huge red flags for any woman. If you can’t take care of yourself, how can you take care of her?

If a woman came up to you with nails that were jagged and had dirt under them – would you be interested?

Didn’t think so.

Personal hygiene is a must for both sexes – so do your part.


Summary: 8 Things Handsome Men NEVER Do

In this article, I’ve explained how to be attractive as a man. Don’t stress over things you can’t control and take action when you can change something. Be confident and self-assured but never boast or brag. Don’t seek to blame others for your failures – take responsibility for them and move on.

Don’t follow the herd just to fit in. Social groups are important but you are your own man and you march to the beat of your own drum. 

Keep your life goals in sight and work tirelessly to achieve them. Don’t be clingy and spineless – your partner enhances you; you don’t live to serve them.

And finally – take care of yourself and your appearance to show you can take care of her too. 

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