As a driver, you have probably asked yourself how long it would take to fix your windshield!

Most times, it is the tasks that look simple that are the most frustrating to do! Tasks such as filling up your tire pressure, or cleaning your tires take up unnecessary time according to most car owners. Most drivers feel the same when it comes to replacing their vehicle’s windshield. They believe that a task that looks that simple takes more time than it should!

But really, how long can replacing a car windshield take? In this article, we provide the answer to that question. We also give you information on the factors that affect the time it takes. And, we tell you why you should replace it.

Why do you need to replace/repair your broken windshield?

Imagine driving around while it’s raining with no windshield!

A windshield serves several purposes in a car. It protects a driver and passenger from extreme weather conditions. It also offers protection from debris on the road. 

A windshield according to law, is a safety requirement for all vehicles! Because of this, it needs to be safe, strong, and meet all the standards set by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS).

There are reasons why you should have your windshield replaced. A cracked windscreen can lead to:

You should replace your broken windshield to protect yourself and your passengers.

Impaired Vision

Think of a person trying to see using cracked spectacles.

That is what it’s like driving behind a cracked/chipped windshield. A crack on the windshield can be a source of distraction to the driver, which ultimately will compromise the safety of both himself and his passengers. 

Ejection from the vehicle

The windshield acts as a protection layer in case of an accident! The glass used to make a windshield should be strong to serve its purpose. In case of an accident, the windshield acts as a secondary layer of defense after your seatbelt. It should protect you from being thrown out of the vehicle! It should also protect you from being hit by foreign objects from outside.

If the windshield has damage of any kind, then it cannot be structurally strong enough to offer maximum protection in case of a collision/accident. 

Airbag malfunctioning

For an airbag to perform efficiently in an accident, it needs a windshield that is not damaged. The windshield pushes the airbag towards the passenger. If the windshield is damaged, it may fail to deploy the airbag towards the passenger. Instead, it could deploy outwards!

After a collision, it is important to check on the health of your airbag system. You do this regardless of the severity of the accident. Check whether the

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