No guy enjoys doing housework chores, but a clean house is an essential part of being a stylish man.

But here’s the thing – your idea of clean is probably very different from your wife’s idea of clean. Sure, you understand the importance of vacuuming and dusting regularly. But polishing the door handles to a mirror finish? You’ve got to be kidding me!

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I’d never tell you to lie to your wife… trust me, she’ll know when you do. However, there are ways to get around doing those pointless chores so you can focus on what really matters.

In today’s article, we’re covering the secret tips for men on avoiding pointless housework chores.

Let’s do this.

  1. Only Vacuum Spaces You Can See
  2. Dust Surfaces At Eye Level And Below
  3. Tell Her You Did When You Didn’t
  4. Pay Someone Else To Do It
  5. Ask Your Neighbors
  6. Bonus

#1 Only Vacuum Spaces You Can See

man vacuuming carpet doing housework chores

Let’s face it, doing housework chores is not most men’s idea of fun.

In fact, many men would go to great lengths to avoid vacuum cleaning altogether. However, there are some very good reasons why a man should at least consider vacuuming on a regular basis.

It doesn’t matter how stylish you dress and how well-groomed you are, if your guests see the filth on your floor then they’ll just think you’re a slob. But does this mean you need to vacuum your house every evening after work?

Of course not.

When it comes to vacuuming, my advice is to spend more time on the more visible areas of your house and only do a ‘complete vacuum’ once every week or two.

After all, your guests are only going to see the parts of your house that they can actually see! Unless you’ve got some really weird friends, they’re not going to be looking under your sofa to try and spot the dust bunnies.

I like to call this a ‘top-up vacuum’. Identify the areas of your place that need a quick spruce up and spend 30 minutes working on those. When you have more time at the weekend, that’s when you can really get into the smaller spaces are make your whole house sparkling clean.

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#2 Dust Surfaces At Eye Level And Below

man dusting shelf doing housework chores

Many people think that doing housework chores is a necessary evil. They believe that it’s important to keep the dust bunnies at bay, but they don’t necessarily see the point in going above and beyond to achieve a spotless home.

However, there are actually several good reasons to dust your house on a regular basis. For one thing, dust can cause allergies and respiratory problems. It can also lead to headaches, fatigue, and difficulty concentrating.

In addition, dust can damage furniture and electronics. So even if you’re not particularly fond of housework, it’s important to dust your whole house at least once a week to protect your health and your belongings.

However, if you’ve got some pals coming over and want to make your place look nice, chances are you won’t need to spend much time on any surfaces above the average guy’s eye level.

After all, you just want the place to look nice for the guys, so doing a whole house dusting session isn’t going to be necessary. Instead, just dust surfaces at eye level and below. This will take care of the majority of the dust in your house and will only take you a few minutes to do!

Focus on:

  1. Coffee tables
  2. Shelves
  3. Sideboards
  4. Tv Units
  5. Kitchen counters

Essentially, anywhere your pals are likely to lean or rest their drinks! You can leave the rest for the big clean at the weekend.

#3 Tell Her You Did When You Didn’t 

women instructing man to clean

If you’re in a relationship (or have ever been in one) then I don’t have to tell you that some women can get pretty obsessed with the little details in the home.

Let me tell you a story. My buddy once dated someone who would insist he polished every single doorhandle throughout his house. She gave him a buffing cloth and a jar of grease and expected a mirror finish by the end of the day.

But here’s the thing – as soon as one of his kids touched the polished door handle, he had to go back and re-buff the metal. Honestly, I felt for the guy.

As any guy would, he got fed up pretty quickly. So he decided to run an experiment.

When asked, he would polish one door handle in front of his partner. Once she left him to it, he’d simply relax and not polish anymore. After about an hour, he’d say he’d polished them all and he was good to move on to the next job of the day.

Did his partner notice? Not once.

My point is this – some things are worth spending time on and some aren’t.

Is it a good idea to lie to your partner? No. You should be truthful and talk about your issues instead of lying about them.

However, if she refuses to listen and it’s about something that really isn’t all that important. A little white lie here and there can save a lot of arguments and frustration. It sounds harsh, I know, but that’s just a reality.

#4 Pay Someone Else To Do It

gardner trimming hedge

It doesn’t matter how we feel about doing household chores, there’s always that one job that we absolutely hate.

It differs from man to man, but I can guarantee every guy reading this can think of one household chore that he wishes would simply disappear. For me, it’s mowing my lawn when it’s really hot outside.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll do the job nearly all year round without any complaints. But in the midst of August when the sun is blazing and the temperatures are at their peak, I just can’t stand the sweat and aggravation that comes with mowing my own lawn.

The solution? I pay a professional landscaping company to do the job for me once a year. At the start of August, they come and cut my lawn, level out any uneven patches, and make my whole yard shine. Which is great, because it’s around August that I start throwing garden parties and BBQ cookouts for my friends and neighbors.

For only a few hundred bucks, these guys do a far better job than I ever could. Would I pay for their service all year round? Of course not – a man should be comfortable mowing his own lawn! However, to get my yard ready for BBQ season, I don’t mind spending the cash to up my yard game to the next level.

Pro Tip: When contacting a landscaping company, be very specific when telling them what you need. Getting your lawn cut is like visiting the barbers, the more specific you are, the better the results.

#5 Ask Your Neighbors

neighbors talking

Why pay for a landscaper when your next-door neighbor runs a landscaping business?

Let me clear this up straight away – am I saying you should beg your neighbor for a handout? Absolutely not.

However, if you’re friendly with your neighbors and have a skill that you could trade for theirs, then this can be a great way of avoiding doing housework chores you hate while helping a friend in return.

Let’s say your neighbor owns a landscaping business and you paint walls for a living. He’s got a house to decorate and your yard looks like trash.

Do you see where I’m going with this? Offer to paint his walls if he helps you maintain your yard over the summer! Surely that’s a no-brainer, right?

Who knows, a friendly agreement between neighbors could develop into a great friendship. Chances are you’ll grab a few beers after helping one another out, right? Sometimes it’s hard to get to know your neighbors, so what better way to get the ball rolling than to share your skillset and help one another out?

Bonus: How Can Doing Housework Chores Make You More Attractive?

man cleaning oven

It’s no secret that women love a man who can do chores around the house.

After all, there’s nothing more attractive than a man who is self-sufficient and can take care of himself and his home.

But why is this?

  • First, it shows that you are capable and competent. You know how to take care of yourself and your home, and you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty.
  • Second, it shows that you aren’t afraid of hard work. You’re happy to roll up his sleeves and do what needs to be done.
  • Third, it shows you’re happy to take on responsibility. You’re not afraid to take on the tasks that need to be done in order to keep your home running smoothly.

When a man does chores around the house, it shows that he cares about the people who live there and wants to make sure they are happy and comfortable. Being happy to help out around the house is a sure-fire way to present yourself as emotionally mature and physically competent.

What more could your woman want?

How about a guy who wants to better himself? Check out my guide to books that’ll help you become the man you know yourself to be.

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