In every man’s life, there comes a time when walking around the house in white crew socks just won’t cut it anymore. Your feet get cold, they ache from exposure to the hard floorboards, and it seems your socks are getting ruined daily.

What’s the solution? It’s easier than you think – wear a comfortable pair of quality house slippers for men.

The house slippers you should choose depends a lot on your lifestyle – so, it’s important to know the differences between them. Some slippers can cope with a bit of wear and tear while others must remain dry and indoors at all times.

In today’s article, I’m going to break it down for you so that you can know which house slippers are best for you.

Let’s go.


  1. What Are House Slippers?
  2. House Slippers History
  3. The Traditional Closed Back Slipper
  4. The Mule Slipper
  5. The Moccasin
  6. The Albert Slipper

What Are House Slippers?

Put simply, a house slipper is a slip-on style of footwear that typically features a thin sole and soft construction.

As opposed to a standard sneaker, house slippers are traditionally meant to be worn indoors and do not have soles designed for traction. However, some hybrid options can be worn outdoors – a topic we will discuss later.

House Slippers History

In Europe, the house slipper dates back to the 16th century. Men of great wealth and power used slippers made of luxurious silks, velvets, carved wood and leathers to demonstrate their superiority and great fortunes.

However, house slippers date back even further than this in Asian culture. Historians estimate that the house slipper made its first appearance in China around 4700BCE.

In many Asian countries, there is an age-old practice of taking off outside shoes before entering the home. House slippers played a major role in this tradition as the indoor alternative for outdoor footwear. They came to represent the transition between the inside and outside worlds.

Fast forward a few thousand years, and the ancient Romans were also seen to be wearing slippers in the home. In fact, archeologists have uncovered many Roman skeletons wearing slippers – a sign of wealth and power even in death.

It’s now time for us to dive deeper and break down the numerous different styles of house slippers for men.

The Traditional Closed-Back House Slipper

closed back style house slippers

Across the world, the closed-back slipper is one of the most popular styles found in men’s closets. Their simple yet versatile design gives them a wide range of uses and proves that a slipper can be more than just a means of warming your feet.

Commonly – this slipper style features a thick rubber sole that is suitable for wearing both indoors and out. Closed-back house slippers are often made of wool or cotton to provide comfort, warmth, and a classic cozy aesthetic.

Ultimately, the traditional closed-back is the perfect style if you’re looking for a versatile pair of house slippers that have the potential to be used lightly outdoors – for example, when taking out the trash.

The Mule House Slipper

mule style house slippers

The mule-style house slipper is one of the most minimalistic designs on the market. Typically, they feature the comfort and functionality of a traditional slipper – minus the enclosed heel at the back.

Mule house slippers are the fastest to slip on but lack the hold of a fully enclosed design. In short – consider these house slippers as indoor footwear and nothing more. 

This design can be made from many different materials, including wool, cotton, or even leather. There really is no limit to the fabric design of this indoor footwear.

Ultimately, the mule is the perfect option for men who want an indoor-only house slipper. They provide comfort, function, and varying levels of warmth depending on the fabric you opt for when purchasing.

The Moccasin

moccasin style house slippers

Inspired and named after the slip-on shoes worn by many Native American people, the Moccasin has solidified itself as one of the best house slippers for men due to its versatility. A stitch connects the midsole and the upper of the slipper, which gives them a weather-resistant, sturdy design.

In addition, a leather or sheepskin design further increases durability and provides this house slipper with a more shoe-like appearance. This style is the most suited to outdoor use and could be used when taking the dog out for a short walk or collecting your mail from your mailbox.

The Moccasin style also features different levels of warmth ranging from thin and soft to thick and plush.

The Albert House Slipper

albert slippers -house slippers for men

Okay, gents – this is where house slippers for men get a bit more classy.

The elegant design of the Albert slipper dates back to the 1800s. It was introduced as a practical indoor shoe that men could also wear outside. Named after Prince Albert himself, these slippers were designed to protect the expensive floors of stately homes from the dirt and grime of the outside world.

As the most traditional house slipper on our list, it’s common for them to be made of velvet with a quilted lining. They typically have a thinner yet sturdy leather sole and can be used indoors and outdoors. However – these are not designed to replace your loafers.

I know what you’re thinking – you’ve seen this style before, right? It’s no surprise – the Albert slipper has a longstanding history in pop culture and Hollywood, having been worn by the likes of James Bond and Hugh Hefner.

There you have it, gents. Everything you need to know about the best quality slippers for men: my advice would be to think about your needs and lifestyle and go for what feels right.

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