The dust had barely settled in the West Sussex air after the memorable return of the Goodwood Revival. But one calendar month further on, the historic British circuit was to play host to another incredible weekend of classic motorsport, to the delight of loyal fans.

To the uninitiated, the annual Members’ Meeting can fly under the radar on the Goodwood calendar, overshadowed by the raucous Festival of Speed, and the much larger scale Revival. But to those who ‘know’, the Members’ Meeting (or MM, as it is fondly referred to) is one of the first (if not the first) date to be etched into the diary at the turn of a new year.

Black cars on track at Goodwood Members' Meeting 2021

Black cars on track at Goodwood Members' Meeting 2021

n Autumn Date after a Two-Year Hiatus

Historically, this event has always served as a season opener, with a traditional March date used for many years—until 2018 saw heavy snowfall during the racing. This encouraged the event organisers to push it back to April, in an attempt to try and elude the adverse winter conditions that seem ever more common in early spring on these shores.

After a two year hiatus, the eagerly anticipated Members’ Meeting was squeezed into the calendar in October—largely out of character, but serving as a great tonic for race fans as the domestic motorsport season drew to a close. Renowned for attracting a phenomenal array of cars and drivers, the laid back atmosphere and unparalleled access for spectators give a flavour of club racing meets in the 1960s and 70s.

With perhaps less of the pomp of the Goodwood Revival, the racing here is fiercely contested, with competitors allocated into one of four ‘houses’—for which they fight tooth and nail on the track to try and secure honours over the course of the weekend.

2021 Goodwood Members’ Meeting Track Demonstrations

Marking the 30th Anniversary of Ayrton Senna’s Final World Championship

Some of the most recognizable sights of the Members’ Meeting come in the form of stunning on-track high speed demonstrations, which have always been part of the event. Over the years, exotic cars with legendary pedigree have been brought from far and wide to add even more variety and flavour to proceedings at the iconic West Sussex race track.

2021 saw the imperious McLaren MP4/6 of Ayrton Senna’s victorious 1991 Grand Prix campaign, with his nephew (and ex-F1 driver) Bruno Senna at the pedals, marking 30 years since Ayrton claimed his third and ultimately final Formula One World Championship. The last V12-powered car to carry a driver to a World Championship title, the sound offered up by the 3.5 litre Honda RA121E was nothing short of staggering; a finer noise to be heard on British soil this year would be mighty tough to find.

McLaren MP4/6 on track at Goodwood Members' Meeting 2021

McLaren MP4/6 on track at Goodwood Members' Meeting 2021

The Legendary JaguarSport XJR-15

On a similar 12 cylinder theme, the largest on-track assembly of Jaguar XJR-15s also graced the hallowed turf. Under the Jaguar name, it was Tom Walkinshaw Racing responsible for the design and build of these sleek supercars.

Borrowing heavily from the Le Mans winning XJR-9LM, only 53 examples were ever made, with 16 of them raced in a one-make series to support the F1 races at Spa, Monaco and Silverstone.

Walkinshaw surely conceived one of the forerunners of what we understand as a ‘supercar’ with the XJR-15, it’s 6.0 V12 putting out around 450bhp. Yet it was the XJ220 and McLaren F1 that took the supercar moniker to headier heights in the 1990s, leaving the phenomenal XJR-15 concept as a fading memory to most.

Public Debut for the Gordon Murray Automotive T.50

With a nod to the modern age, a public debut was given to the Gordon Murray Automotive T.50

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