This holiday season is unlike any we’ve ever experienced. Gatherings are likely to be smaller, more intimate affairs. And if you’re like us, the usual blatant materialism of the holidays rings especially hollow this year. Rather than wanting piles of gifts under the tree, a lot of folks have come to an ever greater realization that the best things in life are the intangibles — things like relationships and good health. That doesn’t mean we need to spurn gifts all together, but it does maybe mean making your gifting less extravagant and superficial, and more intentional and meaningful. One way to do that is to eschew giving the kind of “stuff” that’s quickly used and thrown away, and instead giving the gift of knowledge — via books — which can stay with the recipient forever. 

Over the last 10+ years, we’ve published a number of books across an array of topics. Below you’ll find the titles we have available in print (there are more ebook options at our store); you’re guaranteed to find something that your dad, grandpa, brother, son, in-law, or friend will enjoy. Plus, your purchases support what we do here at Art of Manliness!

The Art of Manliness (Signed!) 

The original Art of Manliness book was published over a decade ago and has sold over 170,000 copies. It’s chock-full of classic and always-relevant advice on every aspect of being a man — style, parenthood, outdoor survival, leadership, and much more. Available unsigned on Amazon. 

Manvotionals (Signed!)

A collection of philosophy, self-improvement, and wisdom texts, ranging from Aristotle to the success books of the late 19th and early 20th centuries to the speeches and writings of Theodore Roosevelt. The myriad poems, quotes, and essays contained within — centered around 7 primary virtues — are designed to inspire and help cultivate character. Available unsigned on Amazon.

The Art of Manliness Boxed Set (Signed!)

The Art of Manliness boxed set includes signed copies of The Art of Manliness and Manvotionals, as well as 6 drink coasters with virile quotes about manhood, all housed within a handsome cigar box. Also available on Amazon (with unsigned books)