Details on the much-awaited Emira First Edition has recently been released by Lotus. It has been equipped with the latest, most coveted technology, comfort features, infotainment, and other distinct badging.

On March 29, the all-new, all-electric era will start for Lotus as the Type 132 makes its world debut. This makes the Emira the last petrol-powered car that Lotus will release, making it doubly special.

Beloved even by the critics, customer orders for the Emira V6 First Edition were beyond expectation and it has continued to come in from clients in all parts of the globe. A 50% increase in website traffic was noted just last week, with a 175% increase in Emira enquiries after the global coverage of the ‘first drives’ of the prototype was released.

Powering the four-cylinder Emira is a bespoke version of the M139 direct injection engine from AMG. Specifically made for the Lotus Emira, it had hardware updates to assist mid-mounted integration. New software was also added to give it a Lotus character. It is the most powerful four-cylinder engine which was homologated for road use. With up to 208 bhp/liter, it is reputed to be the best i4 unit with an enviable reputation for reliability.

Equipped with the latest and most innovative technology, it has an impressive performance and comparatively low emissions. An optimized twin-scroll turbocharger with roller bearings provides fast spool-up and minimum lag. Lotus designed the exhaust system and it is unique to the Emira.

One of the appeals of the Emira is the standard-fit eight-speed dual-clutch transmission (DCT) with paddleshift which is the first time that it is equipped in a Lotus.

Lotus Director, Vehicle Attributes, Gavan Kershaw said, “It’s a bespoke rear-wheel drive variant of the transmission developed by Lotus in collaboration with AMG. On top of that, the gearshift strategy has been defined by the Hethel team as part of the car’s performance attributes. It is unique to the Emira and optimised for the best blend of outstanding driving engagement and performance, fuel consumption and emissions.”

The Emira has a unique engine bay cover and C-pillar badging and it produces 360 bhp. A high level of standard equipment is offered by the i4 version of the Emira and they also have a lot of no-cost optional finishes and materials that allow customers to tailor the car in a way that fits their specific style. There are also a number of cost options for those who wants that little extra touch of personalization.

The car sits on 20-inch ultra-lightweight V-spoke forged alloy wheels. It has been diamond-cut to give that premium two-tone finish. Lotus is still offering the silver or gloss black version as a no-cost option. The Emira is also equipped with two-piece brake discs with branded calipers in either black, silver, red, or yellow, and they’re part of the First Edition spec. It will also have a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).

The Emira is offered in six different vibrant finishes: Seneca Blue, Hethel Yellow, Magma Red, Dark Verdant, Shadow Grey, and Number Grey.

Some of the exterior details include a titanium exhaust finisher, LED lights all around, rear parking sensors, and heated power-fold door mirrors. As standard, the Lower Black Pack will be fitted and it means that the front splitter, front bumper air blades, rear diffuser, and side sills will also have a gloss black finish.

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Title: Get To Know More About The Lotus Emira First Edition
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