From “The Potential of Nations,” December 1961: The national potential of a country includes more than its ability to produce raw materials and consumer goods, to provide and maintain public safety, and to protect its population from internal and external enemies. A nation also has a cultural potential when promotion of the sciences and the arts is a part of the national mission.

In Western nations the discovery of a new sub-atomic particle is considered a national accomplishment. The discovery of polio vaccine has been celebrated as a national accomplishment even more than any discovery in physics or chemistry. When an anthropologist, in the years to come, studies “the American way of life,” he will probably find that the social prestige of the medical research worker exceeds that of any other research worker, entertainer, or sports hero.

From “Should the Government Make Vaccines?” January 1992: Fear of a looming health crisis is prompting policymakers to take a look at the nation’s vaccine needs. One solution: supplement private vaccine production with a National Vaccine Authority that would oversee development and distribution of vaccines that are too risky or unprofitable for industry to make. 

The idea has been proposed

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By: Katie McLean
Title: From the archives
Sourced From: www.technologyreview.com/2021/02/24/1018445/archives-vaccine-pandemic-health-safety/
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