Rapper Freddie Gibbs recently appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience, and he defended the embattled podcaster’s use of the N-word in a compilation video.

Gibbs said while he wasn’t necessarily happy about the incident, he didn’t think Rogan was actually a racist. In fact, he found the whole thing humorous. “You can’t say that shit, Joe,” Freddie said. “’Cause you pissed n***as off when you did that compilation. It was funny as fuck, though. I can’t even lie.”


By: Jon Silman
Title: Freddie Gibbs talks to Joe Rogan about the N-word, trashes Neil Young
Sourced From: wegotthiscovered.com/music/freddie-gibbs-talks-to-joe-rogan-about-the-n-word-trashes-neil-young/
Published Date: Fri, 04 Mar 2022 08:44:29 +0000

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