On 21 April, the world got its first glimpse of Ferrari’s latest sports car through 6 images released by the marque. This was done in the build-up to the world premiere of its latest model.  According to Ferrari, the car is based on the iconic 812 Superfast, but redesigned to take performance to new heights. Combining a revised architectural design with the latest iteration of its acclaimed V12 engine, this model is reportedly the epitome of Ferrari’s 70-plus years of experience building cars for the world’s racing circuits, fusing performance, form, and function.

At the heart of this as-yet unnamed car, as with any Ferrari, is a powerful engine which ignites something primal in both man and machine. To breathe life into this new car, Ferrari used the already mighty 65° V12 engine as its starting point and got to work updating its design. Its engineers succeeded in pushing the already impressive output of the V12 to a beastly 830CV, the highest of “any Ferrari road-car engine”. This power was achieved through redesigns of several of the engine’s key components such as the valve timing mechanism and exhaust system, as well as the use of cutting-edge materials.

To fully tame and bring the power of the V12 engine to bear, Ferrari included a slew of industry-leading vehicle dynamic

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By: Abram Yum
Title: Ferrari Teases Special Version of its 812 Superfast
Sourced From: www.luxuo.com/homepage-slider/ferrari-special-812-superfast-limited-edition-v12.html
Published Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2021 06:00:00 +0000