Umpire Joe West has once again drawn the ire of fans on Sunday afternoon.

During the Braves-Nationals game, West stopped the game to eject Nationals GM Mike Rizzo, who was sitting by himself in his suite in the upper deck, for not wearing a mask.

Joe West calls security to get someone kicked out of the game.

— handlit33 (@handlit33) September 6, 2020

Joe West doing his best Karen imitation today.

— Andrew Carver (@drewbensandwich) September 6, 2020

Fans thought it was relatively absurd for West to eject Rizzo for not wearing a mask considering he was sitting by himself.

Do something about this asshole Joe West @MLB.

Dude ejecting Nats GM Mike Rizzo for not wearing a mask while he’s quite literally the ONLY person in his suite while improperly wearing his own mask is so on brand.

— Joseph M. Jones (@JosephMJones757) September 6, 2020

Can @MLB spring for a mask that fits Joe West’s face? He looks like he got clotheslined by an Ace bandage. @Braves @Nationals

— Matt Taylor (@fliptopwillie) September 6, 2020

There are some people who never trend for a good reason. Joe West is one of them.

— Super 70s Sports (@Super70sSports) September 6, 2020

Joe West can’t see the strike zone a foot in front of him but he was able to see the Nats GM sitting alone in a suite in the upper deck?

— Randall J. Sanders (@RandallJSanders) September 6, 2020

Proof that Joe West spends a good deal of his time on the field not actually paying attention to what is happening on the field.

— John Fischesser (@JohnFischesser) September 6, 2020

How Joe West looked calling Braves security

— Tommy Teel (@TeelMeAboutIt) September 6, 2020

Is anyone surprised that a Joe West led umpiring crew ejected a GM from a suite OUTSIDE and by himself for not wearing a mask??? IDIOTIC rule to begin with having to wear a mask OUTSIDE in an empty stadium but for umpires to give a flying
is ridiculous!! Clean it up MLB

— Howie (@DwhowardWayne) September 7, 2020

Joe West is a damn stooge. Starting with him and Angel Hernandez, the current umpire squad needs to be completely replaced.

— Dylan Bauder (@Dee_Baudie3) September 7, 2020