Jason Momoa is a counterculture rebel. There’s a reason he’s our Khal Drogo, our Conan the Barbarian, and our superhero, the Aquaman. It’s quite simple: Momoa is a badass, a superhuman man-beast whose heart pumps motor oil and stomach starves for speed. He bleeds for motorcycles, for their part in American history, and for the tradition of it all. Recently, Momoa has made it his mission to use his talents to share the best that motorcycle culture has to offer.

In support of the United We Will Ride campaign, Momoa produced and directed a six-part series highlighting real Harley-Davidson riders around the United States. While this introductory video features Momoa’s gritty and captivating message for navigating COVID-19 and journeying forward to new destinations, the forthcoming series will focus on a range of riders and custom culture bike builders and their passion for motorcycling.

The iconic actor and film producer took some time to speak with Men’s Journal about his new video series, challenges he faced while filming during COVID, and his vision of the future of motorcycle events and culture.

MEN’S JOURNAL: United We Will Ride is a beautifully filmed short film featuring motorcycle riders around the country who are finding their way to push forward in the face of COVID-19 risks and lockdowns. What challenges did you face while producing this series?
JASON MOMOA: I’m so happy you like it. These aren’t actors—these are real riders. We traveled around the nation in a van with a small crew to meet in the intimacy of their homes while they shared their stories and passion for motorcycling. We took this very seriously, traveled safely, and took every precaution and everyone was safe—I’m very proud of that. Whatever anyone’s views are on safety issues related to COVID, I just don’t want to hurt anyone. So we just went out and did our best job and had success in that.

This is our foundation. And at the same time, I’m not interested in going back to the way things were during lockdowns. We went through something together and we are adapting to the new normal. It’s gonna leave a mark, and it should leave a mark like all scars do. But this a cultural reset and we will move forward in a new way, together.

Momoa's new 6-part video series United We Will Ride
A real Harley-Davidson rider featured in Momoa’s new 6-part video series collab “United We Will Ride.”Courtesy Harley-Davidson

You’ve produced a multitude of compelling short films. What was the vision for this series and do you feel you captured it?
It’s about the spirit of motorcycling. Riding brings us all together and the motorcycle community has your back. It doesn’t rely on race, weight, gender, or sexual preferences. It’s a common passion that gives back what you put into it. And there are so many countercultures within countercultures in motorcycling. I don’t judge what kind of motorcycling you do;