One of our favorite parts of our Personal Growth Bucket list is all the fun books we want to read. This is especially true of item 210) Read Books of Fables because we get to to live in the world of fairy tales like the Brothers Grimm used to tell stories about! But is it possible to actually find those enchanting forests filled with fairies, dwarfs, and magic?

Well sadly, thanks to farming in lowland areas, walking through a rich, thick forest is a rarity these days. Most of the countryside is fields. But it turns out that there are still magical forests in the world. And the best bit? You can actually go there. 

Check them out below but beware of wolves, axe men, and of course any old ladies offering apples!

New Forest, UK
The Enchanting Forest of New Forest, in the United Kingdom

The New Forest in the UK was the country’s first national park and a popular destination for the crowds leaving London for vacation. It’s called a “forest” but, technically, that just means a range the monarch uses for hunting. In the past, kings didn’t have access to the best hog hunting lights, so they used dogs instead. But today, the park is open to the public and is no longer the sole property of the monarch. 

There’s still plenty of woodland here, much of it ancient. So if you go into some parts of the forest, you’ll immediately find yourself in an enchanting place, full of wonder and mystery. 

Are there real forests filled with fairies, dwarfs, & magic like you read in old Fairy Tales? We think so! Discover a few enchanting forests around the world for your bucket list! #EnchantedForest #BrothersGrimm #IntoTheWoods
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Seoraksan National Park, South Korea

If you’re looking for somewhere a little more mountainous, you might want to check out the Seoraksan National Park in South Korea. This impressive natural woodland carpets the Taebaek mountain range, with the tree line extending to almost 1,700 meters in places. When you travel to the region, you get the strong impression that you have arrived in a deeply spiritual location. It’s a great place to spend the night camping if you have time. 


Wudang, China

Wudang in China is one of the homes of taoism – a religion that believes in being at one with nature. The setting for such a religion could not be better. The Wudang mountains rumble on for dozens of miles and in virtually every valley, there is thick woodland to explore. Many of the trails and paths through the region are centuries old, worn down by generations of monks over the centuries. And capping some of the peaks are temples and monasteries which you can visit in person. 

Bamboo Forest, Kyoto
The enchanting Bamboo forest in Kyoto, Japan

If you’re looking for a completely different woodland experience, why not check out the Bamboo Forest near Kyoto? This attraction is close to the city itself, so it is popular among tourists. And it offers beautifully manicured walkways, allowing you to travel between the giant bamboo plants unimpeded. 

Gorbea National Park, Spain

The Gorbea National Park is an area of outstanding natural beauty in Spain’s Basque region. Much of the area is covered in forest, but in the middle of the park is Gorbea – a 1,482-meter mountain. People who travel to the area love hiking up Gorbea and observing the interesting colors and shapes of the trees and the forest floor. The park offers
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