In light of shortages of microchips, economic dips, and the pandemic biting at our heels, the auto industry has had to examine its vulnerabilities—and it has found that digital technology is no longer an option reserved for the future but an integral part of the present.

An incredible 30% of all new car sales were completed online in the past year, compared to only 2% of total auto sales conducted over the internet before the pandemic. Moreover, customers have had such a positive experience with online car sales in the past two years that online car sales are only predicted to increase from now on.

With that being said, building a digital strategy for your auto dealership is crucial in this day and age, when the best car dealerships utilize sophisticated platforms like TAQ Auto, for example. These platforms bridge the gap between online and in-person automotive retail, to create the most outstanding experiences for their customers, giving them the full power to buy a car online and have it transported to their doorstep, all from the comfort of their homes.

Below, you can read more about how the digital retail experience is altering the world of car sales and what it can offer to your dealership and your clients if you decide to incorporate such tools in your everyday operations.

Making Your Car Dealership More Visible

According to Google, 95% of vehicle buyers use digital devices to source information. Furthermore, it takes only three weeks for more than half of those prospective buyers to start their research online, twice as many as those who begin their research at a physical location. And although some car buyers start their research with an open mind, many already have a vehicle in mind by the time they get to a dealership, something that can change more quickly when digitally going through potential cars.

With people watching more car-related videos on Youtube, such as test drives, walk-throughs, and more, it’s clear that video research is by far the most effective and demanded format for encouraging brand consideration. Furthermore, it’s undeniable that consumers are influenced mainly by videos when they’re in the car buying process.

For that reason, dealers who want to sell more should look for ways to get potential target customers at the earlier, decision-less stage of car-buying by promoting their automotive product to these types of specialised internet platforms and offering the digital retail experience.

Building Trust and Transparency With Clients

The digital automotive retailing system helps car dealers improve relationships with customers and enrich their experience, along with the system helping sell more cars and make more profits.

The most important thing digital retail can do is build trust and

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Title: Digital Retail Experience: Better and Smarter Ways to Sell Cars
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Published Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2022 19:03:17 +0000

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