Hodlnaut, a Singapore-based crypto interest account platform enables users to earn up to 10.5% APY on their cryptocurrency holdings. Hodlnaut was birthed in and officially launched back in 2019. The platform was started by Juntao Zhu, Co-Founder & CEO, along with Simon Lee, Co-Founder & CTO.

The professional crypto-borrowing and lending platform aims to support crypto users in improving the return on their assets. With the platform, crypto holders can earn interest on their assets and unlock their full value via yield farming; instead of only profiting from off-price increments.

Back in April, Hodlnaut turned two years old and entered its third year of operation, Moreover, in this same month, Hodlnaut’s financial attestation with Crowe Singapore confirmed $234M in AUM (the AUM has grown since to over $350M). Thus, those looking for a trusted and well-established crypto interest platform can feel comfortable parking their funds with Hodlnaut.

Through Hodlnaut’s clean and easy-to-navigate interface, users, can view their interest earnings in BTC, ETH, SGD, USD, EUR, or GBP (shown below).

The Hodlnaut interface is no-frills and provides users with all the information they need upon logging into their accounts such as Account and Balance Overviews plus the latest transactions.

Users can deposit and withdrawal into their accounts with BTC, DAI, ETH, USDT, USDC, and WBTC. Further, Hodlnaut allows users to swap between all 6 supported crypto-assets within the platform.

VIP Service: Fixed-Term Loan

Those with a large sum of assets (100 BTC or more) can earn an even higher yield with Hodlnauts’s VIP fixed-term loan by locking in their cryptocurrency for one month or more.

New Features Coming Soon to Hodlnaut Include:

Soon iOS mobile app launchITrust integration launch: purchase custody cover on your assets with HodlnautPortfolio managementAuto swaps / scheduled swaps

If interested in checking out Hodlnaut without signing up, a full platform demo is available for all to use.

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