If you were excited to hear the end of Covid-19 restrictions, then you are not alone. Tons of people have had their holidays canceled or rescheduled due to constant pressure from the pandemic. Flights had completely stopped, airports were shut, and holiday destinations took a huge hit. However, most things have reopened, and you are free once again to travel to all the amazing travel bucket list destinations on your list. 

When it comes to visiting these amazing places, you need to have everything planned out, from where you are going to stay to the transport options you need. Be aware that it is better to use certified, qualified taxi drivers than side companies such as Uber or Lyft. This is due to the number of accidents and reports that come out about them each year. If you have been the victim of such an accident, then make sure you contact an injury lawyer such as Benson & Bingham Accident Injury Lawyers


Push Pin Map of the United States showing all the Travel Bucket List Destinations open and ready for tourists
When it comes to vacationing in the USA there are many wonderful places to see. With 50 states to choose from each offering something unique, it could keep your travel bucket list going for 50 years if you decided to visit one state a year. You could work your way around the whole map. There are however a few destinations in the states that are well worth a place on your bucket list. Two that we will mention are Hawaii and Brooklyn. Hawaii has something for everyone, including the adventurer, the romantic, and the beach babe. Brooklyn offers the chance to experience the real New York without the major hustle and bustle of all the tourists. 

As the people begin to return to the world of Travel & Adventure, choosing where to go next may be overwhelming. Perhaps these Top 3 destinations are a good starting point for your travel bucket list! #Travel #Wanderlust #Bucketlist
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If you dream of beautiful beaches and gorgeous sunsets, then Australia is the place to visit. Everyone should see Australia at least once in their life, it has everything to offer from the jungle to the beach, to the outback. You can really see it all during your trip here, whether you organize various day excursions or take any of the best road trips in Australia. The most popular tourist trip in Australia is swimming with sharks. One of the better trips and one that not many people know about