On April 21-23, the inaugural Salon Privé London will be the host of the global premier of the much-awaited production intent version of the Electric Mustang by Charge Cars. The new, exclusive luxury event will be held at the Royal Hospital Chelsea, and guests can immediately order the EV right then and there if they so choose.

It is a redefined version of the revered 1967 Fastback model, and using the latest technology, the new Electric Mustang is hand-built and have zero emissions. With the blessing of Ford, it has a new steel body shell. Composite body panels were used to make it more lightweight, and the quad-motor configuration of the car provides 536 bhp, and it can go from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.9 seconds.

For six years, Charge Cars worked hard to present the production intent version of the Electric Mustang. It was back in 2019 when the London based company showed its first prototype, Salon Privé London will be the first time that the public will have the chance to see the finished car and get more information on the bespoke options that are available for the clients.

Director David Bagley shared, “The Electric Mustang has already captured people’s imagination, but this will be the first chance to see how it can be personalised to each buyer’s preference. We’re delighted that Charge Cars will be using Salon Privé London to allow its clients to get under the Mustang’s skin and understand what makes this limited-edition EV so accomplished.”

Based in London, Charge Cars have a team that are very adept in the development of luxury and high-performance vehicles. The EV technology used on the cars comes from their partner Arrival’s proprietary software and hardware technologies. This allowed them to have the perfect blend of cutting edge innovation with iconic design.

The classic design and style of the legendary Ford Mustang is preserved through the officially licensed shells. Lightweight composite body panels are used to greatly decrease the overall weight of the vehicle to significantly improve the performance and efficiency, making it a great daily driver.

Using a 64kWh modular battery, the Electric Mustang has a range of 200 miles. It has up to 50kWh rapid charging. Along with the 536bhp, 1,500Nm of torque, the Electric Mustang is able to keep its status as a ‘muscle car’ with the all-wheel drive and torque vectoring provided by the quad-motor setup.

Charge Cars is the first to have a complete Electric Mustang at Salon Privé London. On top of that the company will have its physical interior vehicle display. This will enable the clients to fully explore the different options offered, and they can even take advantage of the immersive VR experience. Using the finest materials on offer, the vehicle interior could be fully redesigned through the ultra-modern environment that is in sync with the iconic design of the vehicle.

The brand-new Electric Mustangs are limited to only 499 units, and Salon Privé London will allow the guests to really immerse themselves with the detail of the options.

Charge Cars Chief Creative Officer Mark Roberts said, “We truly believe we have created something unique in the EV world. A brand new, hand built design icon that gives our customers a genuine emotional connection with their car. Cutting edge technology, zero emissions but now with heart and soul. This is just the beginning for us at Charge Cars.”

As one of the most prestigious automotive events in the world, it is unsurprising that there will be a number of brands that have opted to have their cars’ debut at the Royal Hospital Chelsea at Salon Privé. The latest models from Aston Martin, Alpine, Jaguar Land Rover SVO, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Pininfarina, Rolls-Royce, and Porsche will be on display. Joining them are Hispano Suiza, Genesis, Everrati, British specialists Envisage, Overfinch, and Jensen Automotive. It is a try impressive lineup that has everything from reimagined classics, to next-generation hypercars and EVs.

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Title: Charge Cars Electric Mustang To Debut At Salon Privé
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