We all let ourselves go a little now and then. We eat the extra slice of pizza. We get a little ripe in between showers. We also let our hairy bodies get out of control. There are plenty of valid reasons to slack off now and then. What matters is that we pull ourselves together and get back into good habits.

With that in mind, you might be looking for instructions on how to get hair off your balls. It’s one of the ways you let yourself go. You’re not alone, but we want to provide some caution. One of the methods you’ll find online is to use Nair. We should probably talk about that.

Let’s Learn About Depilatories!

What you should understand is that while each brand will have its own formula and quirks, they largely work in the same way and come with the same pros, cons, risks, and benefits.

How They Work

Before you can decide if you should use hair removal on your balls, you might want to know how it works. Depilatories do their job by chemically deconstructing your hair at the root. That’s not an exaggeration. These things use strong acids to dissolve the roots of your hair. They do it in minutes, so you know it’s not exactly a weak formula.

Once the root is dissolved, the remaining hair washes away. It leaves you completely smooth, and it can take a while for the hair to grow back. Since it has to regrow the whole root, you get extra time between male grooming sessions.

There are some worthwhile advantages to removing hair this way. One is that the hairs don’t grow back sharp. That’s nice, and any guy who has ever had stubble between his legs will tell you. Also, the hairs won’t poke you on the way back out. This means no razor burn.

A second large advantage is that you can’t cut yourself with cream. If you prove to be the exception to that rule, then we should probably get you a trophy and your own entry on the Darwin awards. That’s some next-level special.

Of course, chemically burning off your hair comes with a few disadvantages too. The strong acids sound scary, and they are. While this stuff is designed to be safe, it also comes with an FDA-required warning label. To be fair, most people are unharmed when they use depilatories. The cream won’t burn your manhood away. But, whether or not you really want to walk this road might be better determined if we look at a few more details of the hair removal cream process.

cream in a jar

Are They Safe?

Are depilatories safe? It’s a fair question, and it doesn’t have a single, binary answer. In most cases, they’re safe enough. They are unlikely to cause any lasting harm. If that wasn’t the case, nobody would ever buy them. The issue is that safe and pleasant aren’t always the same thing.

The number one concern with these depilatories is a skin reaction. Every person’s reaction is different. For some people, there is no noticeable reaction at all. For people who have a reaction, it can range from mild itching to severe burns, blisters, swelling, and/or irritation.

Keep in mind that severe reactions are uncommon. Most people who have a reaction don’t need to rush off to the hospital. If you do find yourself among the reactive population, your first step is to thoroughly rinse the area with cool water. Since we’re talking about your balls, you’ll probably need to step into the shower for this.

After you flush the skin, you choose an application to take any sting away. Neosporin is great if you get any burning on the skin. Hydrocortisone is effective against most types of reactions. You can even keep it simple and opt for a cold compress.

If at any point you’re afraid that your reaction might be more than minor, go straight to the doctor. If there is severe pain, swelling, redness, blisters, or anything else that scares you, don’t hesitate. Skin reactions can be dangerous, and reactions involving the testes can be extra dangerous.

Will It Hurt?

We said that strong reactions are uncommon. Let’s assume you don’t have any severe intolerance to the cream. Will it hurt when you use it? Unfortunately, that’s very difficult to say. Guys who successfully and repeatedly use hair removal cream their balls have differing testimonies. Some say that it’s 100-percent painless. Others say it’s the most horrific pain they’ve ever felt, but for some reason, they endure it.

The truth is that it will depend on your physiology, so the best move is to test it before you rub it all over your wrinkly parts. Try a test run on your inner wrist. It’s sensitive enough to let you know how you react, but it’s accessible enough that you can easily deal with it if the reaction is bad. Don’t just rub a little on your wrist and assume you’re good. Follow the instructions, but only for a small test spot on the skin. Then, wait a full day after your test. That will give you plenty of time to see how your body responds. After that, you can be your own man and decide if you should use hair removal cream your balls.

Now, take all of that and think about gooch hair removal. Would you like some alternative options?

Alternative Hair Removal Options

the lawn mower 3.0.

After everything you just read, some of you are going to try hair removal cream all the same. Others among you are running for the hills. No matter your camp, you should know all of your options before you commit to a specific method of removing hair from your testicles. We have a few methods that we prefer, and a few more we want to discourage.


Shaving is probably the most common way for guys to tackle testicular hair. Even though we specialize in these tools and techniques, we don’t really recommend shaving your balls. Trading acid for a razor blade is more of a lateral move than an outright improvement, don’t you think? Razors have too many drawbacks. 

You can literally cut your balls. That’s not a fun one. Even when you don’t, razor burn and irritation run rampant. You’re likely to spend a lot of time scratching and walking funny after you shave your balls.

There’s also the issue that your balls don’t need to be perfectly smooth. That’s a very 2010s fashion choice.


Trimming is our top recommendation. You can trim the hair as close as you like. As long as you’re sporting the right electric trimmer for balls, you’ll be safe under all conditions. The risk of any bodily harm while trimming really is minimal.

For the newbies, we recommend getting tidy but not super short. If your hair is short enough, it gets prickly. You don’t want to learn about that the hard way.

Other Methods

There are less conventional ways to remove ball hair. For other parts of the body, waxing and plucking are normal. Please don’t consider those for your balls. You’ll bleed. A lot. Oh yeah, and it will hurt mercilessly.

What you can look into is laser removal, but don’t try a home kit. Lasers can cause complications with your testicles. You don’t want to accidentally Goldfinger yourself in the nuts. Instead, make an appointment with a dermatologist and let them do things the right way.

That should be enough to get you back on the wagon. Get that groin hair under control, but don’t hurt yourself over it. There’s always a good way to do a job.

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By: Christina Ablahad
Title: Can I Use Hair Removal Cream on My Balls?
Sourced From: www.manscaped.com/blogs/grooming/can-i-use-hair-removal-cream-on-my-balls
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