Cabot Guns has just debuted their one-of-a-kind Blue Scorpion, a custom 1911 that has to be seen. This new gun features Cabot’s Black Ice Diamond-like carbon finish that’s been hand-engraved by Otto Carter. This intricate engraving displays a complex and protective root structure that’s intertwined around the pistol. The engraving of a scorpion can also be found.

Why a scorpion? The scorpion has been regarded as a guardian and protector thanks to its hard outer shell. It’s because of the scorpion’s protective nature that Cabot chose it for the inspiration of this gun.

Contrasting against the Black Ice Diamond-like carbon finish are the Cabot Blue controls. This blue is absolutely mesmerizing and a testament to Cabot’s ability to create truly spectacular firearms. Matching the blue controls is the museum-grade case that was custom-made by artisan Stephen Parker which is also a piece of art itself.

If you’re looking to add the Blue Scorpion to your collection, it’s been sold. The good news is that Cabot has massive selection of 1911 pistols available for purchase. Click the button below to see them all for yourself.

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By: Edward Jones
Title: Cabot Guns’ New Blue Scorpion 1911 is a One-of-a-Kind Wonder
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Published Date: Mon, 21 Dec 2020 21:37:29 +0000

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