In the automotive world, Corvette is a name that is synonymous with unique sportiness and dynamism. Among those automotive legends came the third generation Corvette, known as the C3 Corvette- one of the most iconic generations of them all.

Many people want to acquire the Chevrolet Corvette C3 as a classic car, loving its ease of driving with its power steering and power brakes.

Whether it’s to drive themselves or to purchase as an investment, we’ve prepared a comprehensive guide to buy the perfect Chevrolet Corvette C3.

Background: How the Chevrolet Corvette C3 Came About

Looking back at the corvette history, the C3 Corvette started life midway through the C2 production. Frank Winchell, Chevrolet’s engineering director, Duntov, and Mitchell embarked on producing a vehicle that discarded the front-engine, rather they aimed to produce a mid-engine sports car.

Duntov and Mitchell based their mid-engine design on the Mako Shark concept.

The concept of a mid-engined Corvette was abandoned due to budgetary constraints and the absence of suitable mid or rear-engine parts compatibility. Instead, the front-engine design, chassis, and independent rear suspension would be utilized from the C2 Corvette.

To take on the project, Billy Mitchell hired new designer Larry Shinoda with the Mako Shark II being the resulting concept.

John Greenwood drove this Corvette to 3rd place with co-drivers Ron Grable and Mike Brockman at the 1973 Sebring 12 Hours. (Fred Lewis photo)

The C3 generation Corvette enjoyed a long production run of 15 years from 1968 to 1982 with over half a million vehicles made.

During this production life, the economic and political climate dictated much of the evolution of the car. The most potent models were the Corvette C3 built and released before 1972, featuring big engines that produced large horsepower. Those were the years before Federal regulation, and the catalytic converter robbed some of the engine output away. 

Buying a Chevrolet Corvette C3

As we mentioned above, the C3 Corvette came with a long production history and many diverse model variants made.

Before shopping around, determine from the onset what type of C3 Corvette and model year you would like to own. Corvette fans adore rare variants like the L88 (only 216 produced) and ZL1 Corvette. These unique variants may not be your style, as a daily driver may be what you are seeking.

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