Feel like getting a little bare down there?

Pubic hair has become a bit of a hassle over the years. Trends lean toward bare naked skin in the sensitive areas, which lends the question: what’s the best way to get rid of the hair around your balls without inflicting unnecessary injury?

Over the years, Brazilian waxes have made a name for themselves in men’s hair-removal regimens. Rest assured, however, the old saying “there’s no such thing as bad advertising” really doesn’t hold true when it comes to below-the-belt landscaping. In fact, many men who have faced the Battle of the Brazilian have quickly learned that negative advertising does, indeed, exist for a reason. It’s a process that’s not for the faint of heart, and, in fact, and it’s not really for anyone who wants to retain feeling in one of the most fun regions of his body.

Why? Let’s take a look.

Waxing Around the Weiner 101: What is a Brazilian?

If you don’t already know what a Brazilian wax consists of, that’s probably part of the reason you’re still considering getting yourself into this quandary. Let’s start with the obvious: the phrase ‘Brazilian wax’ only has two words in it, and one of them is characterized by a steaming hot liquid that attaches itself to whatever surface its touching as it cools. In the world of skincare, the wax doesn’t hang out on your skin for long, however. Your esthetician (because this is definitely one of those please don’t try this at home moments!) will rapidly peel the wax from the place it resides, bringing with it the very roots that hold your pubic hair in place.

Sometimes, those actions will be super quick, but don’t be fooled—even fast actions can leave a lasting impact in sensitive areas. If you have shorter hairs that are a bit stubborn and don’t want to come out of their homes, your hair-removal professional might have to resort to low-and-slow pulls, further prolonging the pain that waxing brings.

beware of the Brazilian wax why manscaping is the better option

Still interested in getting waxed?

Let’s take a deeper dive.

In order for your esthetician to get into the nitty-gritty of your junk, you’ll need to find yourself in rather compromising positions. Women have been getting into stirrups for most of their lives. They’re used to that uncomfortable legs-in-air position, met by a person on the other end who doesn’t see anything but the appointment their servicing at the time. Men, on the other hand, aren’t often left with their pants on the ground and their knees in a rather come-hither situation. If you want to get waxed, however, this is a situation you’ll surely face. There’s one word men use above all others when asked to describe their experiences with waxing below the belt: vulnerable.

Once you’re in position, your esthetician will apply hot wax to all the crevices from your butt crack to your belly button. Brazilians are no-holds-barred appointments, which means you’ve signed up to get bare naked. Literally.

Keeping Your Scrotum Safe: Why You Should Avoid Brazilian Waxing

So, let’s assume you’ve gotten over the embarrassment and discomfort associated with your waxing appointment. You’re good to go, right? Well, not exactly.

You see, hot wax has its downfalls, particularly when you’re putting it around the penis. It’s no secret that the skin down there is incredibly sensitive; it’s supposed to be. That said, the sensations caused from hot wax aren’t exactly natural, and they can put you in pretty painful situations, should the wrong circumstance arise.

  • Burned Balls. Obviously, hot wax carries heat. If you visit an inexperienced esthetician (or if you try the DIY method), you’re exposing your precious parts to potential burns that could be incredibly painful. Wax is nothing to mess around with, and when you’re dealing with such a sensitive area, the skin isn’t adept to major temperature changes or foreign elements impeding its space. The result can send you to the emergency room if your wax is too hot or applied incorrectly.
  • Scalped Scrotums. It’s just as nasty as it sounds. Scrotum skin is particularly vulnerable and needs to be taken care of. It doesn’t like being torched and pulled; these acts could easily cause the skin around your nuts to disengage with the rest of your body. The actions involved with waxing, by nature, require a quick pull of hard wax or paper across your body. Your below-the-belt skin is ultra sensitive and super thin; it can tear at a moment’s notice. If you’ve never felt the pain of torn scrotum skin, this is certainly not the time to put it on your bucket list.

why manscaping is a better grooming option

A Painless Way to Go Hair-Free: Manscaping the Right Way

Forget all of those what-if-you-need-to-call-911 ways, and invest in a manscaping routine that makes sense. Waxing is on the wane anyway, since many men who have tried it bowed out after their first experience on all fours. Manscaping the right way can be done at home, as long as you have the right tools. Manscaped’s got you covered. With a wide array of everything you need to keep your private parts safe from substances that shouldn’t be down there anyway, you’ll come out of the process with a cleanly shaven set of parts that are primed and ready to go when your partner tears your clothes off.

Say goodbye to compromising positions and paying people to prod around on your privates. An at-home manscaping kit is pain- and embarrassment-free. Not to mention, you can make magic happen on your own time, without dealing with embarrassing appointments that leave you unable to sit for hours on end.

Manscaping Part 1: Setting Yourself Up for Easy Cleanup

It all begins with the Magic Mat. This magical little item makes the cleanup process quick and simple. All you need to do is lay it strategically on the ground, right between your legs. It’ll catch all the hairs that you’ll soon be trimming from your lower region, enabling you to swiftly pick it up and toss it in the trash. No fuss. No muss. No mess.

Manscaping Part 2: Trimming the Rogue Hairs Away

Now, you’re ready to get to work. With a Brazilian wax, you don’t have any say in how much hair you’re going to keep because you’re not keeping any of it. You’ll be waxed bald all the way to your balls. With Manscaping, you can shave all the way down to your skin or simply shape the hair so it’s not throwing a party outside of your underwear line.

Using The Lawn Mower 2.0, prep your precious parts for further hair removal by trimming the hair down to a manageable length. This trimmer’s specifically designed for a man’s lower region, offering extra protection by way of the Hyper-Hygenic™ features and SkinSafe™ technology that prevents nicks, snags, and painful pulls.

Manscaping Part 3: Getting Down to the Nitty Gritty

The Plow is a single-blade, double-sided razor that knows what it’s doing when it gets to your nether region. This is the tool every man needs if he wants a smooth finish, devoid of follicle fuzzies. It provides an extra sense of refinement and smoothness, ensuring you’re not left with prickly pieces or uncomfortable tufts of tresses in your drawers.

Manscaping Part 4: Cleaning Your Freshly Shaven Pieces

Step in the shower, because now it’s time for your pH-balanced cleanser to shine. The Crop Cleanser was created specifically for men, bringing between-the-leg ingredients that are meant to keep ball stench at bay while leaving you feeling clean and refreshed throughout the day. It’s perfect for post-shave showers because it’s created with soothing aloe and sea salt, which calm and hydrate the skin.

Manscaping Part 5: Deodorizing Your Down Under

In order to stay truly fresh and clean throughout the day, you’ve got two more steps to go. First, apply Crop Preserver after you step out the shower and towel off. This ball deodorizer is formulated with ingredients that enhance your skin’s natural moisture barrier while simultaneously promoting anti-bacterial protection. It’s a quick-absorbing talcum-like gel that every man needs in his underwear arsenal.

Finally, spritz on the Crop Reviver and you’re ready to go. This toner and refresher reduces inflammation and irritation, keeping your parts free of friction and funk. The witch hazel and aloe ingredients complement manscaping routines perfectly.

If you’re ready to get rid of the hair around your nether region without sending yourself to the emergency room, Manscaped’s got the answer. Our Perfect Package 2.0 is packed with everything you need to get your skin soft, supple, and cleanly shaven—sans burns, nicks, and other unwanted wounds. From the mat you lay on the floor to capture easy cleanup, to the spritz that’ll keep your skin fresh and stench-free, we’ve got you covered. Purchase your Perfect Package 2.0 today, and get ready to revel in the power of your manliness.

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By: Christina Ablahad
Title: Beware of the Brazilian Wax – Why Male Grooming Is a Better Option
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