>Wanting some weekend fun without hurting the back pocket? Here are 15 of the best sports cars under $30K.

The best way to enjoy classic cars is by driving them, and that being said, sports cars are definitely ones to have. With their performance-oriented character and racing prowess, classic sports cars are among the most coveted collector pieces, and many icons have already gone north of $30K. 

Still, that doesn’t mean one can’t enjoy owning and driving a sports car priced below that price threshold, as the world of classic cars is vast and full of hidden gems, both among collectible cars and future classics. So, we have consulted various ads around the US to develop the 15 best sports cars under $30K in no particular order.

1. Ford Mustang

Starting off big with the greatest all-American icon, the Mustang. In continuous production since 1964 as the original American sports car, the good ol’ Mustang offers a lot of options within the budget. 

1966 Ford Mustang GT 289 Hardtop. Source: Bonhams

Having said that, the amount of money will buy you a classic first-gen Mustang with the venerable 289 V8. On the other hand, if you prefer something a bit more modern but still traditional, you can go with a low mileage 5.0 Foxbody with 5-speed manual transmission.

Finally, 21st-century Mustangs also fit the bill, where you can go for a low mileage SVT Cobra just under the $30,000 mark. Finally, a 2007-2009 Shelby GT500 will get you the most bang for your bucks, bringing 500 horsepower to the table, courtesy of a supercharged 5.4-liter Modular V8.

2. BMW 2002tii

If you’re inclined towards something more straightforward, more nimble, and European, a classic three-box BMW 2002 2-door sedan might be the sports car you’re after. Powered by a 2.0-liter, 128-horsepower fuel-injected M10 inline-four and with 4-speed manual transmission, but also weighing just 2,262 lb, the 2002tii was the car that really put BMW under the spotlight during the early 1970s.

1973 BMW 2002tii – Source: Hagerty

While pristine examples have witnessed quite a price bump over the last few years, there’s still a market for sub-$30,000 BMW 2002 Tii, but chances are you’ll have to settle for a post-1973 facelifted model with a blacked-out grille and rectangular rear lights.

With or without round taillights, the BMW 2002 Tii is what engaging driving should be all about: unbothered by any numbers and statistics and focused on a wholesome experience of genuinely belonging to the roads beneath

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By: Djordje Sugaris
Title: Best Sports Cars Under $30K: 15 Amazing Cars You Can Actually Afford
Sourced From: sportscardigest.com/best-sports-cars-under-30k/
Published Date: Sat, 24 Apr 2021 11:27:35 +0000

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