Gentleman, it’s time to upgrade your wardrobe with the best men’s fall jackets.

Your summer jackets won’t hold up to the colder temps and you will likely catch cold or worse!

You have very little time before Fall is here and by then it will be too late…

With this list, you will learn the 10 coats EVERY man should own for Autumn and I guarantee you will look better than any other man.

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Best Men’s Fall Jackets – Contents

  1. Navy Peacoat
  2. Harrington Jacket (Blouson Jacket)
  3. The “Perfect” Leather Jacket
  4. Duster Jacket
  5. Military Fatigue Jacket
  6. Waxed Cotton Jacket
  7. Quilted Jacket
  8. Windbreaker Jacket (Shell Jacket)
  9. Trucker Jacket
  10. Tweed Sports Coat

1. Navy Peacoat

Men’s Navy Peacoat is one of the best men’s Fall jackets.

best men's fall jackets peacoat

The history of the peacoat is deeply rooted in military background. The first pea coat style jacket appeared in the 1800’s and was worn by the Dutch Navy.

The name “peacoat” comes from the Dutch word “pije” which was used to describe a coat made from coarse wool. Eventually, the pea coat was inherited by the British navy and this was what caused the extreme popularization.

The British Navy used their version of the peacoat primarily to uniform petty officers. The coat made its way across to America where it was used by the US Navy as well.

A classic peacoat features a double breasted design with a short length and broad lapels. The buttons are often large wooden, plastic or metal buttons.

Standard pea coats also feature a straight cut down the body. The oversized collar allows the wearer to “pop” it for additional protection from the elements.

Classic peacoats made today are created with a mix of 80% wool and 20% artificial fibers. This makes the coat very heavy and should only be used for fall nights that are extremely cold.

The classic color of a pea coat is a very dark midnight blue. Men often confuse it for black as it is so deep in color. Modern peacoats can come in a multitude of different colors including grey, black and green.


2. Harrington Jacket (Blouson Jacket)

The Harrington Jacket is another one of the best men’s fall jackets that you need in your wardrobe.

best men's fall jackets harrington

The “tartan” lining of a Harrington jacket is very noticeable.

The Harrington Jacket is a version of the Blouson Jacket. A Blouson jacket is defined as a jacket that is drawn tight at the waist and wrist. This is done by having a ribbed bottom and wrist holes.

The Blouson was inspired by President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s jacket he wore why in the US Army during WWII.

A Harrington Jacket is the same as a Blouson but with some notable difference. The first being the iconic “funnel collar” that has snaps on it that can seal the jacket. It also his has an umbrella-inspired vent on the back of the jacket, designed to run rainwater off the shoulders, and over the waistband so that you pants don’t get wet. Classic Harrington Jackets also feature a unique tartan pattern design.

In 1937, James and Isaac Miller produced the first Harrington Jacket called the Baracuta G9. The tartan lining was an actual British family’s pattern that The Miller Brothers received permission to use.

The G9 was exported to the US in the 1950s and instantly became an emblem of rebel cool being worn by Elvis Presley and James Dean. The jacket went on to become a staple of “Ivy League” style and a staple of English Mod style.

Harrington Jackets come in all colors; however, the classic Harrington color were navy and natural.


3. The Perfect Leather Jacket

Speaking of rebel cool, the perfect leather jacket in another jacket that most be in your closet.

best men's fall jackets leather

Leather jackets fit perfectly in any monochromatic outfit.

What do I mean when I say the “perfect” leather jacket?

Well, I think that you need to have the attitude to pull it off and to get a style that suits your body type best.

If you are in very good shape, a motorcycle style leather jacket will be a good way to go. Sometimes “moto” for short, this is a tight-fitting jacket that is best for someone with a slimmer build or a lean muscular build.

If you have a more average or larger frame, a bomber jacket would be a great option for you to pick. This is a favorite of many and is the most flexible style when it comes to body types.

The perfect leather jacket will cost a lot of money but Shoptagr can help save you money! Click here to download the Shoptagr app free to your PC or mobile phone today.

A classic bomber style jacket will include a soft, turn-down collar with a cloth or fleece lining. The bottom of the jacket will also have a ribbed bottom with ribbed wrists.

Don’t forget that suede is a type of leather. Suede is an amazing option for a leather jacket. Click here to read more about suede!


4. Duster Coat

Made famous from western movies, the Duster Jacket is the next jacket on our list of the best men’s fall jackets.

mens fall jackets duster coat

A duster is a great pick from western wear to incorporate into your wardrobe.

A Duster Jacket is a light, loose-fitting long coat. Originally, Dusters were full-length jackets made from a canvas or linen material. They were most popular in the “wild west” era of the United States. These were worn by horsemen to protect their clothing from trail dust.

The lightweight material allowed riders to remain cool while still being protected from the elements. Today’s Duster coat designs are normally slit up the back, all the way to the hip level. Duster coats are very simplistic in design with a single breasted lapel. Duster coats are typically shorter than they used to be in the “Old West” times.

To style this western wear, I’d go for a green or tan color. Also, go for a shorter length. The longer length can look a little out of place and can often be annoying when going about your day to day business.


5. Military Fatigue Field Jacket

Another jacket stemming from the military, the Fatigue Field Jacket is another one of the best men’s fall jackets that need to be in your wardrobe.

best mens fall jackets field Jacket

The fatigue jacket is a very versatile jacket for the fall.

OG-107. No, that isn’t some new pop band. In fact, it is the original military designation for a fatigue jacket. The OG actually stands for the classic shade of 8.5 ounce (0.25 liters) Olive Green sateen. The OG-107 had three versions in the Army over the years.

The first type was a full uniform and was around from 1952 till about 1963. This came complete with pants of the same color. The second type was only produced for one year (1963-1964) and the only difference from the first type was a slight difference in the chest pockets.

The third type is the type you’ve seen most today and was standard issue from 1964 up until 1989. In this version, the pockets were change again slightly, buttons were added to the sleeves.

This jacket is the jacket most closely related to the Vietnam war but was also popularized by John Lennon. Lennon’s version of the jacket had been gifted to him from a Korean war veteran at the time.

Military Fatigue jackets came to represent a more rebellious attitude even though they came from a very strict military background.

Keep the “OG” color and you can pair this jacket with jeans or chinos and it will take the edge off on those cool fall nights.


6. Waxed Cotton Jacket

Originally a material produced by sails in the mid-fifteenth century, a waxed cotton jacket is a must for any man’s fall wardrobe.

best mens fall jackets waxed cotton jacket

Waxed cotton jackets give you a rugged look that will protect you from the elements.

As stated before, this material was first made by sails. It was found out that sails covered in saltwater would catch the wind better but would also slow the boat down. Fisherman began to use fish oil and grease in the sails to get the same effect but with less weight. They then found out that this method worked well for water-proofing and some of the first waxed cotton clothing was made!

Fast forward to the 1930s and companies in the UK has used these techniques to arrive at what we know as waxed cotton today. They found it is highly waterproof, windproof and lightweight.

Early adopters of this jacket were mostly in the outdoor and motorcycling industries. The British racing team sported waxed cotton jackets made by Barbour from 1936 until around 1977. The British Army also used a version of this jacket in WWII.

There are many different styles of a waxed cotton jacket so it is important that you look at all of your options before deciding. This jacket is perfect for rainy days of fall as well as the colder days.

It is also not a jacket you will see very often and can help you stand out in a crowd. For color, I’d go with a darker color as it is more slimming and fitting for the fall months and will allow the jacket to pair well with other items of clothing.


7. Quilted Jacket

A quilted jacket is a great sport option for a light jacket in general and also another fall essential.

best men's fall jackets quilted

A unique jacket, a quilted jacket stands out in a crowd.

Created in the 1960s, the quilted jacket was invented for shooting at first. The creator, Steve Guylas, made a quilted vest which was kept the rifleman’s chest warm but still allow mobility of their arms. This quilted vest was made with polyester as well which helped with waterproofing.

The jacket became a mainstream item once the royal family was seen wearing it. The Queen would often sport a brown corduroy collar jacket when she was riding and the rest of the royal family followed suit. This trickled down to the normal people in Britain and became an iconic piece of menswear.

There are many different styles and colors of quilted jackets and any will work. A classic style would be one without a collar and in an earth tone. Earth tones would include black, gray, olive green, navy blue — basically your neutral tones.

Perfect for a campfire or outdoor activity, the quilted jacket is an essential piece of men’s clothing for fall.


8. Men’s Windbreaker (Shell Jacket)

A windbreak is a thin jacket that acts like a shell to resist wind chill and light rain. The lightweight construction is typically made of synthetic materials.

The windbreaker first became popular in the 1970s. The design stems from ancient Inuit parkas named “anoraks.” Today, some raincoats are still called Anoraks as well.

Modern windbreakers are made from nylon, poly-cotton or a mixture of the two. They also typically are finished with waterproofing. The rise of sportswear made this a staple in American culture. You’ll see hundreds of these at any football or soccer game.

To avoid sticking out too much, I’d steer clear of bright colors and bold patterns on this type of jacket. It would also be wise to get the larger style of this jacket that hits just below the buttocks so that it protects you more from the rain.

A solid windbreaker is one of the best men’s fall jackets to fight the rain and cold and keep yourself from getting sick during the change in weather.


9. Trucker Jacket

The iconic Trucker Jacket is another must have for any man looking to be stylish in the fall.

best mens fall jackets trucker

You can’t go wrong with a dark denim trucker jacket.

Originally created by Levi Strauss in 1880, this jacket was made from denim and was meant for the working class gentleman. The material and design of the jacket lent itself to taking a beating and was worn by cowboys, miners and railroad workers.

Today, a trucker jacket can be bought in denim, cotton and a wide array of different materials. This iconic jacket style is synonymous with rebel culture.

The best part of this jacket is that it extremely versatile. The trucker jacket can be worn in every season except summer. It can even be used as a layering piece in the winter.

This jacket is better for men with small build. The jacket will hit right at the waist and is a form fitting jacket. This jacket won’t protect your from rain but is a great outer layer to protect you from the wind on a fall day.


10. Tweed Sports Coat

If you’re looking for a great dress jacket option in the fall, look no further than the tweed sports coat.

Tweed originated in Scotland in the 18th century and is traditionally a coarse cloth woven from wool in earth tones. The twill (diagonally line running through the fabric) gives these jackets a great texture for fall.

A sports coat made of tweed is also thicker than standard sports coats which will help to keep you warm as the temperature falls. Many tweed garments have an additional pattern in the weave such as herringbone or houndstooth.

The tweed jacket is a staple in the style world of academia. This jacket can be dressed up with a shirt and tie or dressed down with a turtleneck.



Best Men’s Fall Jackets – Summary

There are 10 of the best men’s fall jackets you should wear in the fall!

From trucker jackets to tweed sports coats, there is a fall jacket for every situation on this list.

What’s next? Click here to check out the 15 Fall colognes every man should own or check out other related posts below!

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