Bentley Motors’ reputation as a manufacturer of luxury automotives is legendary, with a vast catalogue of high-end performance vehicles under their hood. Their latest GT offering is no exception. Branded as their most driver-focused Grand Tourer yet, the Continental GT Speed Convertible, henceforth referred to simply as the Speed, features a meticulously handcrafted interior and novel features such as a neckwarmer, integrated into specially designed Comfort Seats, to maximise user comfort during long-distance cruises. Combined with an updated W12 TSI engine and other technical innovations, this latest addition to Bentley’s Continental GT range simply begs to be taken for long, high-speed runs on distant country roads.

The most striking feature of any convertible is undoubtedly the retractable roof which opens up a new dimension of pleasure and excitement for any journey. The Speed’s Z-fold convertible roof can be deployed or stowed in just 19 seconds, even when on the move, and comes in seven finishes including a classy reinterpreted British tweed. In designing this revolutionary roof, Bentley’s designers engineered it to tackle a major problem faced by convertible drivers, unbearable levels of external noise. The roof itself is constructed using a proprietary combination of insulating materials, while the sealing system is improved and acoustically treated to reduce noise levels by three-decibels, creating a more tranquil driving experience. Its cabin is meticulously handcrafted with the most luxurious materials. Bentley even provides the option of customising your vehicle’s interior with an extensive range of main and secondary hides, and wood veneers.

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By: Abram Yum
Title: Bentley Unveils New Continental GT Speed Convertible
Sourced From: www.luxuo.com/homepage-slider/bentley-new-continental-gt-speed-convertible.html
Published Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2021 00:55:00 +0000

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