The parent company of Barrett-Johnson Auction Company, Barrett-Johnson Holdings, recently announced the acquisition of Collector Car Network Inc., which is based in Phoenix. The acquisition includes their well-known properties like AutoHunter,, the Future Collector Car Show, and The Journal. Barrett-Jackson Holdings’ acquisition of the online brand is in line with their mission to grow the collector car market through excellent customer service and strategic positioning of best-in-class brands.

According to Barrett-Jackson chairman and CEO Craig Jackson, “Barrett-Jackson Auction Company and are two of the most respected companies in the collector car hobby. Our internationally broadcast live events and their online platforms are unrivaled. Working together, we will better serve our booming customer base, as well as attract the next generation of collectors to the hobby. This strategic step has the potential to fuel unparalleled expansion of the collector car market.”

Craig Jackson CEO of Barrett-Jackson

Craig Jackson CEO of Barrett-Jackson
Barrett-Jackson was founded in 1971, and the company has established themselves in the industry. Since 1994, they’ve been dominating the online space in terms of online auction catalogues, online bidding, and live streaming. Barrett-Jackson has continued to innovate, adapt, and improve their processes so that more people could have access to the hobby. The recent acquisition of an established and renowned online company is a great example of this.

Collector Car Network CEO and president Roger Falcione stated, “We see this acquisition as an enormous growth engine for the collector car marketplace. Our two companies are perfectly aligned to be the leading resource for car collectors worldwide, including the rising generation of collectors who are evolving the market.”

Collector Car Network is the recipient of four Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies. It is made up of four world-class brands, namely: – Received the Stevie Award for Front-Line Customer Service Team of the year five times. Each month, it has an average of more than 4 million views. It supports the largest online network of sellers, buyers, dealers, and even auction houses. Journal – It has more than 500,000 monthly readers. It is also considered to be one of the most influential online automotive websites in America. – One of their newest sites, it was only launched in 2020. It provides an online auction site that is simple and convenient. It is also supported by a veteran team of automotive experts who educate, inform, and guide both buyers and sellers.

Future Collector Car Show – it has more than 12,000 guests annually. They normally feature cars that would be of interest to the next generation of car lovers. They also highlight up-and-coming cars in the market.

Future Classic Cars Event in 2019

Future Classic Cars Event in 2019

“Roger and his team have built an exceptional organization with an award-winning customer service culture. Like Barrett-Jackson, they have built incredible brand equity over the years. Combined with Barrett-Jackson’s customer service record, expertise and world-class marketing efforts, we will make it even easier for everyone to engage in the hobby.”

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By: Reggie Sison
Title: Barrett-Jackson Holdings Acquires Collector Car Network Inc.
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Published Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2021 19:38:00 +0000