Usually, it doesn’t make sense to change your best-selling model. Ford trucks are the backbone of their company, and the F-150 alone could be considered one of the world’s largest automakers. Therefore, engineers and stylists in Dearborn have delivered the world’s first full-hybrid pickup. A new aluminum body still rides on a frame of high-strength steel, but those aspects are all that is shared with last year’s lineup.

Using lessons learned in the Raptor and at LeMans, the 3.5-liter EcoBoost is now PowerBoost. This optional system combines an electric motor/generator inside the 10-speed automatic transmission. It allows the V6 to act as a generator, with options for 2.4 kW or 7.2 kW. Several 120v plugs in the bed offer 20 amps to recharge tools, or keep your electric bikes ready for another adventure. The real shocker is a 240-volt plug rated at 30 amps. That is more than enough to power 28 refrigerators if you want the ultimate tailgate party. Their real goal was to allow one truck to power an entire Jobsite.

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Without anything plugged in, the hybrid system offers 12,000 lbs of towing or a range of 700 miles on one tank of gas. Such efficiency doesn’t mean skimping on luxury. A 12″ center screen is standard on XLT models, while the XL offers an 8″ version. Another option is an Interior Work Surface that is ideal for signing documents, looking at blueprints, or providing a stable platform for a 15″ laptop. When you are done, it disappears into the center console without sacrificing storage between the seats. Speaking of those seats, the Max Recline option allows them to fold flat, nearly to 180 degrees. Because the cab is triple-sealed, you can sleep in comfort.

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By: Andrew Nabors
Title: All-New 2021 Ford F-150 Offers Hybrid Power and Efficiency
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Published Date: Fri, 26 Jun 2020 14:29:55 +0000




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