Trends have little influence over men’s styling choices. Men are driven by the attire that stays with them for years. Durability seems to be the key when it comes to men choosing apparel and accessories for their wardrobes. So, fashion gurus have called for a minimalist men’s wardrobe. 

But, the first thing, let’s dissect what it means by the word minimalist? 

Usually, it’s the white-washed, Instagram-bait interiors or IKEA flat-pack furniture or something similar.

Isn’t it?

It generally defines modern aesthetics features

Blank spaceMonochrome color paletteClean lines.

However, when it comes to lifestyle, consider minimal should be taken similar to being optimal. You know it shouldn’t be about cutting down your needs irrationally.

You can also say it’s: 

Having only what you need Not having what you don’t need.No dead weight, no trends, Only time-honored essentials you can always rely on.

It also means that whenever an occasion arises, you are weakly equipped to deal with it worry-free.

So, now that you have decided to build your wardrobe, what will you need?

Understanding a Capsule Wardrobe

We’re going to briefly cover all must-haves for men’s lean wardrobe or a “capsule wardrobe.” Three core values make a capsule wardrobe.


The basic purchase idea.

Think of how a garment fits within the bigger picture Its individual merits are secondary. You’re creating a wardrobe that functions as a whole.You need a versatile and streamlined clothing selection.

It will help you tide over all occasions-right from work to beach to a wedding to bar and beyond. 

First Things First

It’s worth investing in statement pieces that will last you longer and serve you well every time.

Buying cheap things first and then spending on mending, purchasing the same thing again five times is not done.

The key is: you get what you pay for.

Few key points.

You need to mix and match garments to achieve multiple and varied looks. So, pay attention to color.Prefer neutral tones.But do include some bold colors. You can majorly focus on black, white, grays, blues, browns, and greens. Go for subdued tones, not bright ones.

What Will Your Capsule Wardrobe Include?

We’re listing the must-haves in different categories of apparel and accessories you must have. Maybe you already have a few pieces, and you may need to get others.

Basically, your wardrobe will have these items

Outerwear Casualwear Footwear Resort Wear Activewear AccessoriesTailoring 

Let’s begin.


Think about it; you can hand down classic outerwear to your children.

Fabric-wise: Wool, genuine leather, shearling are good choices.

Colors-Black, brown, camel tones. 

Outerwear may be tailored and is ideal for dressing up with casual outfits. 

A men’s leather jacket is a keystone of a great capsule wardrobe selection.

Down Jacket

Go for a down jacket from the collection of the men’s leather jacket from Pala Leather. It is: 


Versatile colors-Black or brown. 

A full-blown puffer jacket is suitable in stark winters.

Transitional Jacket

A lighter transitional jacket is well-suited during seasonal change.


Denim jacket.Bomber. Overshirt. 


You’ll need it at times when the heavens open up.

Choices you have:

Classic: Traditional mac or trench coat. High-performance: Gore-Tex shell.



Get a solid assortment of well-made plain T-shirts.

Colors: Black, navy, grey, and white.

Slim-Fit Jeans

A good pair of slim-fit jeans are a must. Make sure they’re:

Not too loose.Not too tight. 

For maximum versatility, go for:

Dark wash. Raw denim. 
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