“First Lady of Collector Cars” Nellie Jackson’s 1934 Cadillac Model 370D V12 Fleetwood.


Barrett-Jackson Chairman and CEO Craig Jackson working with the Builds team on the 1934 Cadillac Model 370D V12 Fleetwood.

The act of restoring a car is a passion project for all involved. It takes time to resurrect a machine of decades long passed into a piece of rolling history. Every automobile has its idiosyncrasies and its own mechanical needs, but when the project is done, the long nights and thousands of hours invested all become worth it. Barrett-Jackson Builds is a series predicated on this philosophy, and each member of the Builds team shares the passion for restoring and creating incredible machines. Two of those machines are now getting ready for their turn in the spotlight.

Hard at work, the Barrett-Jackson Builds team has been forging ahead on some truly historic and groundbreaking projects. First is the restoration of Barrett-Jackson matriarch and the “First Lady of Collector Cars” Nellie Jackson’s 1934 Cadillac Model 370D V12 Fleetwood. Streamlined and elegant, the Cadillac was a catalyst, a true driver of the collector car hobby. It’s the car that moved the Jackson family from Pontiac, MI, to Scottsdale, AZ, and ensured the passion for fine automobiles traveled with them. “This is where Barrett-Jackson started,” said Barrett-Jackson Chairman and CEO Craig Jackson. “It’s exciting to see these cars are still so highly sought after and that people continue to appreciate the sculpture-like beauty of these automotive works of art.” There’s a reason it’s the cover star of Barrett-Jackson’s 50th Anniversary book.

The Cadillac was sold at an early Barrett-Jackson auction, but the vehicle was reunited with the Jackson family at the 2016 Barrett-Jackson Auction in Scottsdale.

With a goal of entering the Cadillac into — and winning — future Concours d’Elegance events, this Builds project offers an entry point for viewers to see the painstaking details that go into a concours-level restoration. The streamlined and teardrop contours of the art deco-inspired steel have been painstakingly restored to the highest order by hand as finding parts for the octogenarian remains a constant challenge. Much of the metalwork has been done by traditional coachbuilding methods using an English wheel, sandbag and mallets.

Mounted atop a dual X-frame chassis with a 146-inch wheelbase, the stunning Cadillac has thus far undergone an extensive frame-off restoration beginning with work on both the front and rear quarter panels as well as the trunk area. Every piece of brightwork has been re-chromed, and the stunning radiator grille, emblems and trim are ready to be installed once a fresh coat of paint is applied. The original V12 engine has been thoroughly gone over with every component inside and out being plated, painted and rebuilt to the most exacting of standards. The 368ci 12-cylinder is paired to the restored original 3-speed manual transmission.

With a storied history and connection to the founding family of Barrett-Jackson, this Cadillac will be a standout star of future Barrett-Jackson Builds content. But it’s not alone.

1967 Shelby GT500.

The Builds team’s next project comes from the personal collection of Barrett-Jackson Chairman and CEO Craig Jackson. While Mrs. Jackson’s Cadillac epitomizes the romanticism of high fashion and automotive form, this 1967 Shelby GT500 is poised to send ripples through the hot-rodding world. Initially, the Shelby was brought in for repairs, but plans quickly changed — and changed for the better. The 1967 Shelby GT500 will retain its 1990s aluminum 427 crate engine but will also receive upgraded modern suspension components. The result will be a high-end Resto-Mod that looks original but can be driven hard. Though still in its early stages, the build of this Shelby will be chronicled, documented and shared on Barrett-Jackson’s popular media channels. Get ready, because this build is something special.

Breaking new ground in terms of innovation has always been an important part of Barrett-Jackson, and that same ethos holds true for the Builds team. The soon-to-be-launched next chapter of Barrett-Jackson Builds is dedicated to illuminating the journey from project plan to final execution. The series highlights master builders and explores their commitment to excellence.

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