“How do I get that girl when she’s out of my league?” We’ve all asked ourselves this question at some point in our lives.

Most men will dismiss it as impossible. They think they don’t have the money, charm or good looks to impress the woman of their dreams.

Fortunately for us mere mortals, that’s totally false. The truth is you don’t need to be in a certain income bracket or look like Channing Tatum to date amazing-looking women.

Skeptical? You won’t be after you’ve read this.

Today I’m sharing my top seven tips on how to get a girl out of your league. Here’s what we’re covering:

  1. Build self-confidence
  2. Stack the odds in your favor
  3. Set yourself apart
  4. Be remembered…favorably
  5. Practice makes perfect
  6. Don’t settle for less
  7. Keep your grooming in check

#1 Build Self-Confidence

Establishing healthy self-confidence is key to approaching women.

To start out, let’s address the elephant in the room – your confidence. Gents, if you take away one thing from this article about how to get a girl, it should be this.

No woman is better than any man, and vice versa. Your dream girl may be gorgeous and successful. She may look like she’s got her act together. But like you, she’s only human. Like you, she’s got insecurities, problems and skeletons in her closet. For this reason, no woman enjoys being put on a pedestal.

What’s more, it does nothing for YOUR chances if she knows you’ve put her up there. And believe me, she knows – and she doesn’t like it. Why should she?

Would you call a girl for a second date if she was constantly self-deprecating during the first one? Didn’t think so.

Once you understand that women are just people, it’ll be much easier to approach one and introduce yourself. The hardest moments are those very first ones in a conversation, but they’re far easier with women if you approach them as their equal. After you get through that initial ice breaker, you’ll find the conversation far easier.

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#2 Stack The Odds In Your Favor

Do you work in construction or the other trades? And then spend all your free time at a sports bar with your buddies? If so, I hate to break it to you but you aren’t going to meet many women that way.

When your aim is to meet a girl who’s out of your league that’s interested in you, try to find ways to surround yourself with women.

Place yourself in a target-rich environment.

Are you still going to school? Consider joining a fraternity to gain access to those big parties. Take an art class, drama class, or dance class. Join organizations and activities that you know will be attractive to the ladies.

You certainly shouldn’t take this to an extreme and be a creeper. What I’m suggesting is just for you to go out and have fun, but put yourself out there where you know there will be plenty of women. The more candidates there are, the higher your chances of success.

#3 Set Yourself Apart

man wearing leather jacket
Upgrade your casual wardrobe to turn heads.

How can you stand out from the other men in the room?

Let’s start with the basics – your appearance. Take a look at your day-to-day wear and think about how you can spice it up a bit.

This doesn’t mean you should wear a tux out to the bar, but look at how you can give your outfit a subtle but noticeable upgrade – whether it be a sportscoat with a pocket square or any one of the different types of men’s leather jackets.

Another factor to think about is where you are. I guarantee that if you enter any bar in the United States as a British man, for instance, you’re instantly going to attract attention. If you’re in a target-rich classroom, then consider a thought-provoking question or answer aimed at the instructor to turn heads.

All of this relates back to stacking the odds. If you can take advantage of several of these factors, your chances are that much better.

#4 Be Remembered…Favorably

Now, this one is a bit controversial.

Men and women both remember people who do something that stays with them. If you’ve seen any of my videos and articles, you gents know I always stress the importance of knowing how to make a good first impression. You should always strive to make it positive, but if that fails – a bad one can be just as effective.

Making an impression will leave women curious about you.

Here’s an example – say you’re at a bar after a hard day and you acted like a total douche to a particularly attractive lady. She may not like you much, but she remembers you. This gives you the opportunity to go back to her, apologize, and try to make it up with a dinner date. I personally know a few men who found the loves of their lives this way.

But really gents, try to make it good.

#5 Practice Makes Perfect

dating woman out of your league

When it comes to how to get a girl, sometimes it’s all about playing the game. It’s time to go out on a regular basis and put yourself on the line. Try to strike up a conversation and even ask a lady out if you think it’s going well.

You might not get the results you want each time, but this is just as important. It’s essential for every man to learn as soon as possible that rejection is part of everyday life. The better you learn to cope with it, the more you’ll persevere as a whole.

If a woman turns you down, don’t beat yourself up over it. You have peace of mind that she isn’t interested and you can just move on.

The more you learn to carry on a conversation and put these tips into play, your successes will start to overshadow the rejections. That lucky lady will be within your reach!

#6 Don’t Settle For Less

This tip and confidence go hand-in-hand. Gentlemen, don’t settle for the first woman you find. Too many guys out there think too little of themselves, and thus throw everything they have into whichever girl says yes first. Having that mindset can have disastrous long-term effects.

Be patient – find the woman that makes you the happiest.

It might be that the first girl and you hit it off great and are madly in love – that’s great, pursue that. Just remember not to placate yourself by keeping someone around that doesn’t make you absolutely happy. The more you learn about how to get a girl out of your league, the more chances you’ll have to land the high-caliber woman you deserve.

#7 Keep Your Grooming In Check

Home Haircut

This one is pretty straightforward! No one wants to see a man who is unkempt. In order to improve your batting average with the ladies, you need to develop a routine of personal grooming.

Make sure your look is deliberate at all times. If you have a beard, ensure that it’s regularly brushed and shaped. The same goes for the hair on your head.

Your nose hairs and nails should be trimmed on a regular basis. Don’t forget to clean your ears!

No matter how incredible your outfit is or how charismatic you are, if you show up poorly kept with bad hygiene then you can kiss your chances goodbye.

Gents, finding that amazing woman comes down to one thing – mindset. It has nothing to do with your bank account or the model of your car. It has everything to do with how you see and take care of yourself.

Remember – women are just people. Go out there, have fun and don’t be afraid to walk on over!

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