Car collectors as a whole take great pride in the machines in their collection: they display an almost visceral connection to their cars. They want them to look their best. Whether it’s for a Sunday drive or a Sunday on the 18th green at Pebble Beach, it’s all in the details.

Daniel Miele, the owner/operator of Turn 7 Auto Care, always loved cars, and he knew one way to be around them was to clean them. He started on the weekends at 14, keeping all the exotics at Motor Classic & Competition bright and shiny. He kept detailing on the side through college, where he got his degree in finance and headed off to Wall Street.

He took a job in an institutional equity trading firm, realizing very quickly that he hated it… he didn’t want to be in that world. OK. How about computers and IT? Daniel pursued that for a few years he enjoyed it, but it really wasn’t the right fit; he got bored. All this proved out the right answer: his true passion was cars and detailing.

Daniel Miele in reflection of car body

Daniel Miele in reflection of car body

So back to detailing on the weekends. Cleaning friends’ cars and picking up a few clients. He started studying all the latest techniques and researching all the current hi-tech products. No longer is one just applying a coat of carnauba wax; there are all kinds of modern man-made sealants and coatings, super strong and durable. He had to catch up with the new wave detailing, but the muscle memory was there, and things started to take off.

Turn 7 Auto Care technician using small tools for detailing

Turn 7 Auto Care technician using small tools for detailing

The event that gave Daniel the confidence to take the leap of faith to start his own business was meeting Larry Kosilla of at a car show. Daniel was detailing a car and Larry watched Daniel go through his paces. Larry, a top detailer in his own right, saw the talent in Daniel and told him he should start his own company. And so Turn 7 Auto Care came into being.

Having a top detailer spending time with your pride and joy doesn’t come cheap, a thorough washing that makes your car shine like no one’s business starts at around $300.00 and that can move up to 5 figures for a multi-day every last nook and cranny, every bolt and wheel nut given special attention.

Foam cannon covering a McLaren supercar

Foam cannon covering a McLaren supercar

If that is too big a drain on the bank account have no fear, Daniel of Turn 7 has 7 top tips.

Follow these tips and your car will be a knockout.

Tip #1 – Watch the surface

You never want to touch a dry car not with your hand and not with a cloth, there are way too many chances of scratching the surface, you always want lubrication whether it be a soap or detail spray.

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By: Sean Smith
Title: 7 Detailing Tips We Learned From Turn 7 Auto Care
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Published Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2022 16:53:40 +0000

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