Single? Then you’re one of two guys:

  1. You’re getting dates.
  2. You’re getting rejected.

If you’re the latter – chances are there’s a reason for that.

What are you dropping the ball on?

  • Confidence?
  • Looks?

You younger guys have got my sympathy. Romance has become a cut-throat battleground and ‘dating on demand’ apps have changed the game completely.

It’s no wonder many men give up trying before they’ve reached their 30s!

There must be a way forward. So, today I’m going to uncover the reasons why men struggle with romance in their 20s and give up on dating.

  1. You’re Too Arrogant 
  2. You’re A Lone Wolf
  3. You’re Afraid To Take Charge  
  4. Your Looks Turn Her Off 
  5. You’re Wasting Time On Dating Apps 

#1. You’re Too Arrogant

Women love a confident man, right?

Not always. For most men, confidence goes one of two ways. 

They either have too much confidence or not enough! 

Both of these scenarios can be disastrous when it comes to dating, but arrogance is by far the worst. Guys with too much bravado come across as idiots and can turn women away instantly.

The trick is to find a balance between the two confidence extremes. 

Many guys give up dating because their confidence levels turn the ladies away. The best way to avoid this? Put yourself in your date’s shoes.

Do you want a partner that’s so confident it gets annoying? Of course not!

You’ve got to find that sweet spot between confident and shy. Take charge when you need to and show your sensitive side when the occasion calls for it. That way, she’s more likely to see you as a mature, intelligent, and socially aware kind of guy.

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#2. You’re A Lone Wolf

Man alone on sofa getting bored

Guys who don’t leave their house have a 0% success rate for dating. 

Obvious, right?

The fact is that many young men spend too much time on their own. I speak to so many young guys who do anything to avoid going outside to meet new people.

How can you give up on dating if you’ve never tried to go on a date before? Lone wolfs need a lady too.

Sure, a bit of alone time is great. But if you want to succeed in dating, you need get out there, meet some women and commit to losing that lone wolf status!

Take it slow – go to your local coffee shop and see if you can spark up a conversation with someone that catches your eye. I’m not suggesting you ask them to marry you! Just ask them what coffee they recommend you buy. 

Keep it casual and relaxed – let the conversation flow and put your best foot forward. 

Who knows where a simple conversation could take you?

#3. You’re Afraid to Take Charge

Successful date

Okay, so you’ve got yourself a date. That’s the hard part over, right?


Many guys think they’ve got it made, and their good looks will guarantee a successful date. 

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but no amount of dashing good looks will save you from the disaster of a poorly planned date. Take charge and make a plan!

Take a page from the Marines’ playbook. Plan for every eventuality and make sure you know what you’re doing! 

You must know:

  1. Where your date is taking place
  2. The timings of the evening
  3. What you’re wearing 
  4. What the weather will be like 
  5. Whether she’s vegetarian or vegan

The list goes on. 

Successful dates happen through good planning and taking action. Many guys give up on dating because they’ve failed to plan and experience rejection as a result. 

Don’t be that guy – plan and prepare accordingly. Trust me, your date will not appreciate a trip to the steak house if she’s a die-hard vegetarian!

4. Your Looks Turn Her Off

Poor style man on date

Right off the bat, let me say this: looks do NOT mean your natural features. 

You don’t have to look like Brad Pitt to have a handsome personal image. 

Many guys blame their dating failures on their natural looks or ‘ugliness.’ Gents, here’s the good news – most women don’t judge attractiveness on a man’s natural looks alone. 

It’s all about the whole package:

  • Do you dress well?
  • Are you well-groomed?
  • What shoes are you wearing? 
  • Do you have good posture?
  • How often do you smile?

Want to know the great thing about these factors? Unlike your natural looks, you can easily improve them all.

It’s simple. Dress in well-fitting clothes, visit the barbers, and stand up straight. Smile when you talk to her, and you’re on to a winner. 

A man’s image is a complex thing – don’t chalk yours down to your natural looks alone. 

5. You’re Wasting Time On Dating Apps

using dating apps is reason to give up on dating

Dating sure has changed since I was in my 20s. 

You’d think that dating apps would make meeting women more accessible. All you have to do is look at a profile and swipe left or right. 

Surely that’s easier than approaching a woman at a bar and asking for her number?

I disagree. Think about it – on apps like Tinder, a potential date can reject you in seconds with a quick thumb swipe. It’s as easy as that. 

It’s no surprise that many young men give up on dating when they’re judged entirely on a dating profile. They don’t even have a chance to show their personality before being cast aside. 

My advice? Get off those dating apps and try to find a date in the real world. Apps are great, but sometimes a face-to-face chat is the best way to get to know someone.

After all, there’s no option to swipe-right in real-world conversations. At the very least, you’ll get a chance to smile, speak and show her that winning personality of yours!

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