Motorcycles are an unquestionably exciting, cool, and fuel-efficient way to transport. However, riding a motorcycle can be pretty risky. According to the Institute of Insurance Information, it’s around 30 times more likely to get seriously hurt when driving a motorcycle than driving a car. 

In fact, an estimated average of 600 fatal motorcycle accidents per year happen in California only, making it the state with the largest number of fatal motorcycle crashes. But fatal bike crashes are rare compared to everyday non-fatal crashes that can cause you great health and financial harm and require legal protection to get fairly reimbursed when someone else causes you such problems. For that reason, if you’re riding your motorbike in your hometown of Sacramento and encounter a non-fatal roadway accident, it’s essential to have the best Sacramento motorcycle accident lawyer by your side to guide you through the legal process and successfully protect your rights and positions in the accident.

Nonetheless, many dedicated riders can avoid accidents and enjoy their motorcycles without incident, but their success is based on adhering to basic motorcycle safety procedures. So, as a result, here are some methods to maintain your motorcycle journeys incident-free and ensure you stay on the safe side of motorcycling.

Don’t Drink And Drive

This is the most important thing you can do to keep yourself and others safe on the road. You should never drink and ride a motorcycle, or any other vehicle for that matter. Motorcycles are especially dangerous because they are less stable than a car, as the lack of doors, roofs, and airbags makes them more dangerous if you get into an accident.

Statistics show that distracted driving because of alcoholism is one of the leading causes of motor vehicle accidents, with over 3,000 deaths occurring every year in the state. So, if you’re out for the night and you’re riding a motorcycle home, you can sip on some delicious, non alcoholic champagne and enjoy the night in a responsible, safe manner.

Regularly Check Your Gear

Getting on your bike isn’t all about looking cool, contrary to common assumption, because a T-shirt, shorts, and sandals are not appropriate motorcycle wear, no matter how hot it is outdoors. Even wearing jeans provides only a crumb of protection against injuries and road rash. On the other hand, reinforced pants and jackets, leathers, and boots are the fabrics you would want to wear to stay extra protected during your motorcycle ride, along with gloves to protect your hands.

Additionally, it’s undoubtedly mandatory that you wear a DOT-approved helmet when riding, however, if you happen to have an open-faced helmet, you must wear goggles or glasses. In hot temperatures,

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Title: 5 Pieces Of Advice To Remain Safe While Driving Your Motorcycle
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