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There we were; Bill Wagenblatt, Rex McAfee and myself (Dennis Gray) sitting on the deck overlooking the Pacific, Sunday night after the last race of the 2021 RMMR. We were joined by my son, Santa Clara vintage race photographer Kevin Gray. Savoring a nice bottle or two of Paso Robles red, we got to discussing the images we had left out of the Sports Car Digest 2021 RMMR Gallery.

We all had images that were going to take some work to optimize for posting. Some of the images were captured early in the morning with strong/warm back-lighting. Others were captured late in the day with an afternoon low-angle light. We decided to put together a second gallery of “Favorite” images, versus images of the most popular cars. We invited Kevin to join us.

Photographers are a strange breed. We look for light that enhances a subject with rim-light or warm light or interesting shadows. Blurred images to show motion or speed. Nose to tail images to show the close tight competition. Images with the driver wearing clear face shields with no sunglasses so their intensity can be seen. These enhanced images often take more work to optimize before posting, hence aren’t able to meet the initial gallery deadline. So here you have another one hundred and fifty or so images captured during the 2021 Pre-Historics and RMMR.

Please enjoy and let us know what you think.

2021 Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion Recap Photo Gallery

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