The leading restorer of the definitive classic sports car, E-Type UK, has recently finished a full refurbishment of a 1964 Series 1 FHC Jaguar E-Type.

A fixed-head coupe in left-hand drive, the Series 1 was a revolutionary car. It was ordered new with a gorgeous Pearl Grey finish matched with Dark Blue leather interior. The colors were inspired by the Norwegian mountains and the rare color combination makes the Series 1 E-type a really rare example.

The Series 1 went through an extensive restoration process under the expert hands of E-Type UK. The example was also given significant performance upgrades to bring the famed E-type into the 21st century.

Legendary Body Shell Remastered

The 3500-hour restoration process of E-Type UK started with an examination of the body panel to check if there are any signs of rust to check absolute structural rigidity as well as chassis strength. Each body panel was sand blasted to remove the remnants that has accumulated for the last 50+ years. They were then primed to ensure that rust do not develop.

For this Series 1, they created brand new floors, rear chassis, sills, bulkhead, gearbox tunnel, inner and outer rear wings, as well as a new bonnet to ensure safety. After all the new panels have been mounted, aligned, and welded to the original chassis, the next stage of the meticulous restoration of the E-Type could begin.

1964 Series 1 FHC Jaguar E-Type

1964 Series 1 FHC Jaguar E-Type
1964 Series 1 FHC Jaguar E-Type

Getting that Perfect Finish

After the metal shell of the 1964 Series 1 FHC Jaguar E-Type has been carefully restored, it is now easy to see the silhouette of the 1960s icon.

The metal shell then receives a filler process wherein the filler is carefully and meticulously applied to make sure that the dimensions of the example are perfect up to the last millimeter. They also ensure that all panel gaps are fixed. The exposed metal were given rust inhibitors, along with numerous coats of high-build primer. Then for the next several weeks, the body is left to rest to ensure that all the materials are completely hardened before they start the meticulous painting process.

After priming, it is almost ready to be hand-painted back to the rare and original Pearl Grey finish, but it is masked first before even the first spray of paint touches the car. They then apply a high-quality clear lacquer to prepare the body for a final polish. To give it the exquisite exterior finish that is worthy to be called a world-class restoration, the lacquer is polished for hours to show hat really flawless shine.

1964 Series 1 FHC Jaguar E-Type

1964 Series 1 FHC Jaguar E-Type
1964 Series 1 FHC Jaguar E-Type

Subtle enhancements

It takes great skill and a really fine touch to find the balance between keeping true to the marque’s original intent and upgrading one of the most iconic British sports cars.

The Series 1 was hailed for their advanced engineering at the time. It was given an IRS (independent rear suspension), securing the suspension and the rear wheels to the chassis, giving the driver low levels of road noise, harshness, and vibration. Providing for an overall smoother ride.

The main element of the restoration of the Series 1 was centered around a full rebuild of the innovative IRS system. It would also be given new bearings, brake lines, universal joints, and coil overs.

To create a reliable, usable, and supple end product, E-Type UK also fitted performance brake pads, 4-pot brake calipers, as well as a separate modern independent handbrake system.

With the Series 1 given these highly desirable upgrades, the IRS unit gives superior road performance and more dynamic driving. The upgrade also opens the possible for future subtle upgrades too, like installing front 6-pot brake calipers.

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By: Reggie Sison
Title: 1964 Series 1 FHC Jaguar E-Type Full Restoration
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Published Date: Tue, 05 Oct 2021 17:52:09 +0000

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