>In 1951, Mercedes-Benz’s successful return to the automotive industry in the post-war years was marked by two passenger cars in the form of the Mercedes-Benz 300 (W 186) and 220 (W 187).

From April 19-29, 1951, then Daimler-Benz AG launched two new models at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt. Prior to this special occasion, the company had been manufacturing pre-war vehicles that had only minor updates like the 170 S (W 136) that was launched in 1949. 

Mercedes-Benz returned to the international spotlight with the W 187 and W 186 at the IAA in 1951.

The W 186 in the outside area in front of the fair booth. 

As early as 1948, the design phase of the two vehicles commenced with a considerable effort required to complete both vehicles. At the conclusion of the war ending in 1945, the company had started the groundwork to relaunch its plants and production systems.

The post-war period was far from a bright new era with new production machinery and materials like drawing paper, pencils, and steel sheets still very hard to come by. During winter, staff members wore woolen clothes and simply worked hard to keep warm in the poorly heated production halls and offices.  

Production at the Sindelfingen plant
Production of the Mercedes-Benz W 187 at the Sindelfingen plant

Six-Cylinder Model Marks the Return to the Luxury Segment 

The Mercedes-Benz 220 (W 187) was instrumental in achieving two significant aspects for the brand: the six-cylinder model once again placed the spotlight back on the brand by demonstrating prestige and performance. It also allowed the brand to reclaim its pre-war top spot from other manufacturers.

Mercedes-Benz advertisement
 Advertisement in “Reader’s Digest”

Another important aspect to note is that they achieved success with a vehicle that still had pre-war designs like its floor assembly and body concept. Mercedes-Benz knew that they needed to develop a completely innovative design to satisfy their demanding customers when it came to spaciousness. In 1954, three years after they unveiled the 220, they released the “Ponton” 220 (W 180) model. 

In 1951, a

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