Everyone wants to be successful – it’s a fact. Too few people know what it takes to make it happen though.

There’s no roadmap to success. Every man has to figure out his own passions – his own destiny – before going forth and becoming the man he knows himself to be.

HOWEVER, no one gets there without help. I’m here to give you guys a few examples of great habits practiced by some of the best men I know.

Today we’re going over 17 habits of successful people.

  1. Paying your dues
  2. Surrounding yourself with other successful people
  3. Ignoring the haters
  4. Swallowing your pride
  5. Reinventing yourself
  6. Leverage what makes you unique
  7. Being so good you can’t be ignored
  8. Always experimenting
  9. Leading by example
  10. Continuously learning
  11. Remembering loss and being grateful for today
  12. Getting the big wins early in the day
  13. Getting something 80% there…is good enough
  14. Giving up alcohol
  15. Striving to be a better listener
  16. Scheduling everything
  17. Paying cash for everything

#1 Paying Your Dues

Combine passion with hard work and you’ll be closer to your goal than many others.

Jimmy Donaldson – or MrBeast – found incredible success on YouTube. He started at age 13 – now, at age 21, he’s got a huge following. We’re talking millions of subscribers with millions of views PER VIDEO.

What’s his successful men’s habit? Paying his dues.

MrBeast obsesses over what he does. He spent years putting in 6-8 hour days into his channel. He consumed as much information as he could on a constant basis.

That’s why he has so many subscribers – that’s why he’s a force to be reckoned with at so young an age. Gents, put in the time to reap the reward.

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#2 Surrounding Yourself With Other Successful People

successful person habit to be surrounded by other successful people

When it comes to being a good judge of character, I can’t find a better example than Aaron Marino (I mean he’s got me as a friend, come on). The face behind AlphaM made the right calls when choosing who he’d stand beside.

The first example is his wife. She’s stuck with him through thick and thin – through the hardships and triumphs.

But what about in his business partnerships? You guys all know skincare brand Tiege Hanley, right? Aaron went into business with an incredible team of men – Rob the operations manager, Kelly the CEO, and The Chemist who is responsible for the formula in their products.

Together, they’ve made Tiege Hanley the system for men getting started with skincare. So much of this is due to my friend’s skill in making careful and correct decisions when it comes to those he brings into his circle.

Let me level with you. I actually don’t consider myself to be immensely successful, but I have developed my skills in leaps and bounds. I’ve done it by putting myself in situations where I’m the least successful person in the room, by finding people who challenge and inspire me.

“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” – Isaac Newton

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of surrounding yourself with inspirational figures – people that drive you to greater and greater heights.

#3 Ignoring The Haters

man shouting at computer

As far as controversy goes, YouTube cologne commentator Jeremy Fragrance has it in spades. The fragrance community has certain expectations and unspoken rules within, but Jeremy could not care less about any of them.

He pursues his passion for men’s colognes HIS way, and he doesn’t compromise. You can’t argue with the results – the man is undeniably an authority in his field, teaming up with the likes of Alberto Morillas, one of the top perfumers in the world, to put out his new successful fragrance.

It cracks me up every time I see a reviewer hate on his fragrance, simply because Jeremy came up with it. Simply put? He’s handsome, talented, and doesn’t give a sh** what the haters have to say.

#4 Swallowing Your Pride

Jeff Morgan, creator of The Style OG YouTube channel, was already a successful man. He was a doctor! Yet he still felt inspired to put out videos on style, feeling that black men didn’t have any examples to follow.

He got off to a rocky start, but what did he do? He opened his mind and got to researching. In particular, he looked at Jose Zuniga over at Teaching Men’s Fashion – a guy who is half his age!

He didn’t let this get him down, though. He didn’t care that younger men were already successful in the field he was pursuing. Jeff understood that if he didn’t suck it up and learn, he’d never get where he wanted to be. That’s why this successful habit is all about ignoring your ego – never let it get in the way of your goals.

#5 Reinventing Yourself

male youtuber recording a video

YouTuber Ryan Masters is the perfect example of a man rediscovering himself and triumphing as a result. He started out with his channel Sparta Strength, but he’s totally changed gears.

Now, he is THE authority in North America for country western dancing. There’s no magic to it – he simply started from scratch in this completely new industry, put in the work, gained the knowledge, and BAM.

Never be scared to take your passions in a new path – you never know what just might happen.

#6 Leveraging What Makes You Unique

Tim Dessaint approached an oversaturated market. Let’s face it – there is no shortage of men’s style channels out there on YouTube.

Focus on what sets you apart and use it as a foundation for your ambition.

That’s why this successful men’s style habit is all about innovation. Tim identified, embraced and zeroed in on what set him apart. His videos stand out from the pack as a result. They have this intangible artistic flow about them that I got nothing on!

#7 Being So Good You Can’t Be Ignored

male colognes
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Steven from the Redollesence channel hits this successful men’s habit like no other. The thing about Steven is that he’s quiet, calm and serene. He’s not so much a showman as Aaron Marino, not controversial the way Jeremy Fragrance is…

What sets him apart is his knowledge. I’ve never seen a man know as much about fragrance as he does, and he shows it by getting into the nitty-gritty of his topic.

His passion is showcased through his know-how, and that makes him an attractive source for men looking to dig deeper into the world of men’s colognes.

#8 Always Experimenting

When it comes to productive Youtubers, Thomas Frank is the king. His YouTube channel has over 1 million subscribers and he’s constantly evolving. Much of this evolution comes simply from trying new things – even when they don’t guarantee success.

With these methods, he’s had some unexpected successes. He published one video in which he spends an hour studying – that’s it! People took to it because it made them feel as though they had a study buddy despite being alone. No one can predict results like that.

#9 Leading By Example

man wearing white tie
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No one lives their brand like Eric Bandholz. Not only does he promote the image of The Urban Beardsman, but he IS The Urban Beardsman. He is the very embodiment of what he promotes in his company, which makes him the perfect example of this successful men’s habit.

As a leader, no one should be living your brand more than you. Take a pointer from Eric!

#10 Continuously Learning

I’m always stressing the importance of knowledge. According to studies, 85% of self-made millionaires read at least two books a month. Part of success is the thirst for knowledge.

I’ve put up several posts and videos talking about what books to read and what audiobooks to listen to. Mani Vaya built a business on the pursuit of information, so it’s only right he be included when I say to NEVER stop learning.

Knowledge is power – it’s simple. The more you know, the fewer mistakes you’ll make in your business. It’s all about continued education; getting the practical knowledge you need to excel in your field.

#11 Remembering Loss & Being Grateful For Today

man stares out a window
When it comes to millionaire habits, perspective is key. Don’t let today get you down – look to your past victories.

Every man falls on hard times. I’ve lost close friends, been unemployed, and struggled in debt.

As tough as they were, those experiences helped me greatly in the long run. You could say that they toughened me up – but that’s not the point.

They gave me perspective. Whenever I experience a problem with my company or personal life, it seldom comes close to how bad I’ve had it before. Knowing this brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “it could be worse.”

Make no mistake, gentlemen, it could be much worse. This millionaire habit is all about perspective. Once you look back on the tough times in your life, today’s challenges might be insignificant.

#12 Getting The Big Wins Early In The Day

Do you ever feel like there’s a stone crushing your chest? That if you pushed it aside, you could rule the world?

Too many guys ignore that stone and lug it around all day. They leave it for last – but by the time they try to shove it away, they’re burned out.

Don’t make that mistake. Get the hardest tasks out of the way first. For me, it’s filming videos for my YouTube channel. Once that’s accomplished, I coast through the rest of the day.

Take it from me, gentlemen – one of the best habits of successful people is knocking the hard stuff out ASAP.

#13 Understanding Eighty Percent…Is Good Enough

man working at a desk
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This millionaire habit is key. We might strive for perfection, but we’ll never achieve it. You need to do your best, turn in the project, and move on.

Take my business for instance. Sometimes my videos have mistakes in them. However, if I linger too long on a single project, it will never get done.

This 80% rule is what’s helped me reach hundreds of thousands of men with my content. The results are there, gents.

#14 Giving Up Alcohol

This millionaire habit is simply moderation.

Drinking offers absolutely no benefits. There are plenty of safe ways to kick back which don’t require a ‘buzz’.

Avoiding alcohol leaves money in my pocket. It also stops me from making bad decisions. Alcohol blocks chemical signals between neurons. This leads to slurred speech, impaired judgment, and slow reflexes. As a proud family man, I’d hate for my kids to see me like this.

Alcohol dependency can even induce brain shrinkage over time. The loss of brain matter only gets worse with age and consumption.

Simply put? Alcohol is bad for you. The only drawback to sobriety is that I’m the popular choice for the designated driver.

#15 Striving To Be A Better Listener

successful people have habit to listen to others
Never underestimate the importance of listening. The more you let people talk, the more they’ll like you.

This millionaire habit helped me build connections to last a lifetime. I was the man who never listened. I simply waited for my turn to speak and disregarded the other man’s point.

Being a good listener benefits you in several ways. For starters, people will enjoy your company and seek it more often. You’ll learn new perspectives and new insights. By understanding the needs of others, you also stand a better chance of bettering your popularity.

You might even get some good advice out of it.

#16 Scheduling EVERYTHING

planning is a habit of successful person
The more you schedule, the fewer unexpected headaches you will have.

The best way to stay organized is to keep a rigid timetable. Much of this comes down to fine-tuning your time management skills and being realistic about your goals.

One example comes straight from Essentialism, my favorite book on time management. Just because it took you one hour to accomplish a task that usually takes you four, it won’t take one hour every time. Perhaps you were hyper-focused that day, or there were abnormally few distractions to pull you away.

Keeping this in mind, I divide everything into time blocks. Even rest and relaxation is set to a specific time each day.

Scheduling is a critical habit I guarantee every successful person has mastered.

#17 Paying Cash For Everything

If you can’t pay cash, don’t buy it – it’s as simple as that.

Let me be clear: I do use credit cards from time to time. Certain credit card companies offer cashback programs for loyal users. Where and when cashback takes effect depends on the bank.

Using credit cards and paying them off build your credit score, which can then lower your interest rates and allow you to make larger investments with ease. The better your score is, the less you have to pay upfront.

That being said, I don’t buy anything unless I can pay cash. This rule allows me to live below my means and put away a lot in savings. My home is a simple one – and it’s paid off. Whenever hard times fall upon us, I have a cushion to fall back to. I’m never living from paycheck to paycheck.

And that, gentlemen, is essential to financial success.

As I said, every man needs to forge his own path to greatness. Nevertheless, there are habits of successful people that every winner has in common. Each person has their strengths to stick to, and the gentlemen I referenced above are no different. Hopefully, this helped you determine yours – and what you need to do to be the badass you were always meant to be.

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