What makes a man stylish?

Is the amount he spends on his clothes? Is the brands he wears?

No. It comes down to taking care of the details – the things that 99% of men don’t do. It’s this attention to detail which separates the stylish man from the crowd.

Trust me – the small things matter and in today’s article, I give you the 11 outfit tricks you need to look instantly more stylish.


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Style Hack 1. Use Hand Sanitizer as Stain Remover

mens hand sanitizer stains

Hand sanitizer is everywhere now – but did you know it’s also an effective stain remover? This is because hand sanitizer contains a high concentration of alcohol.

It’ll work on everything from food spills, to coffee, to ink stains. Just apply it to the stain, rub it in and let it set for 10 minutes. Perfect for when you’re not at home.


Style Hack 2. Match Your Your Belt To Your Trouser Color

I’ve talked about the importance of matching the color of your belt with the color of your shoes. But if you match your belt color to your trousers, you’ll actually appear taller!

You don’t have to match exactly – a similar shade or color will work fine. If you have dark pants, go for a dark belt. Light pants? Go for a light belt.


Style Hack 3. Hang Your Pants Properly

style hack men hanging pants

Creased pants look sloppy so make sure you hang them properly.

For pants with a crease or pleat:

  1. Grab the pants from the bottom
  2. Fold along the crease
  3. Gently drape them over the hanger bar

For pants without a crease or pleat:

  1. Fold the pants in half and drape over the hanger bar


Style Hack 4. Use a Cartridge Razor to Shave Nubs Off a Sweater

style hack men sweater pilling

Pilling is when a group of fibers break, then tangle and mat together on your sweater. This is not an attractive look – it also makes your sweater look old and worn.

The solution? Grab a cheap cartridge razor and shave your sweater. Be as gentle as you would with your face and shave over all the nubs and pills. The result? A sweater which looks like new.


Style Hack 5. Use Cooking Oil to Replace Shave Cream

olive oil shaving

We’ve all been there — you’re in a rush and you realize you’re out of shaving cream.

The solution? Grab the cooking oil. Now I don’t recommend using this all the time – it could irritate your skin – but in a pinch, it works great.

First up, wash your face with warm water. Then grab your olive oil and use it as you would a shave cream.

Since oil is a natural lubricant, it will allow your razor to gently glide across your face. Oh – and if your skin feels dry after shaving, you can use the same olive oil as a moisturizer.


Style Hack 6. Avoid Razor Burn – Gamify Shaving

mens style hack shaving

On the topic of shaving – razor burn sucks. Right? Well there’s an easy way to avoid it. Turn shaving into a game.

Imaging mowing your lawn. Once you’ve cut one area, you won’t go back over it unless you’ve missed a spot. Use this same concept with your face.

Apply your shaving cream (or olive oil) and shave using small strokes. Only go over a section once. If you miss a spot, make sure you reapply shaving cream before going back over it.

If you don’t, your going to irritate your skin and this is what leads to razor burn.


Style Hack 7. Wrinkled shirt? Leverage a Blazer!

Sometimes you’re running late and you don’t have time to iron your shirt.

Throw on a blazer to hide the wrinkles.

Obviously your collar, the front of your shirt and the cuffs will be visible so make sure those are presentable. The majority of the shirt won’t be see though.


Style Hack 8. Store Your Pocket Squares in Your Jackets

Storing your pocket squares in your jackets will save you time as you can pre-match and fold them before the day you wear them.

Just be sure to adjust your pocket square when you put the jacket on. Over time, they can fall into the jacket pocket and won’t look the way you want them to.


Style Hack 9. Leverage Your Eye Color in Your Style

eye color in outfit

It’s been said that eyes are the window to the soul and your eye color is the window to your style. You need to leverage your eye color when picking what colors to use in your style.

Now you don’t need to match your eye color exactly – just mimic.

For example, if you have blue eyes – bring blue into your clothing. It could be a pocket square, it could be a jacket. Be creative.

This simple but effective hack emphasizes the colour of your eyes, giving you a more striking look.  This will also take some of the “guess work” out of finding what colors work best for you.


Style Hack 10. Experiment with Casual Ties

Guys, it’s time to embrace the casual tie.

Wool ties, knitted ties or a fun bow-tie are all great options to bring into a casual outfit. You’re not wearing them because you have to but because you want to. People will notice.


Style Hack 11. Shine Your Shoes RIGHT After Wearing Them

The perfect time to shine your shoes is right after wearing them. Why? The dirt will be easier to remove.

On top of that, you won’t forget to touch them up when you need to. I always forget to shine my shoes and the best time is to do so right after wearing them.

Just take a minute to shine each pair. Make sure to set down some newspaper to avoid a mess.


Style Hacks for Men – Summary

There you have it gents.

11 Style Hacks for Men that will instantly make you more stylish.

You won’t regret using any of these.

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