The leading automotive lifestyle brand, Hagerty has always campaigned to preserve special cars and encouraged driving. To promote this, Hagerty has scheduled a series of annual events for enthusiasts to enjoy a day of driving with their cars. The 2022 Hagerty event season opens with a special 100-car Drive It Day that leads up to the Hagerty sponsored Bicester Heritage Scramble event on April 24, Sunday.

For years, Hagerty has organized events to go along with Drive It Day. Initially introduced back in 2005, Drive it Day was organized by the Federation of British Historical Vehicle Clubs. Drive it Day honors the 1000 Miles Trail which was originally organized by the Royal Automobile Club back in 1900. The event starts in London, and they given a route to follow throughout the UK before they head back to the capital.

Drive it Day will start at the UK Headquarters of Hagerty which is located near Towcester which is also a few miles away from the Silverstone circuit. Before the drivers assemble to drive towards the Hagerty-sponsored April Scramble at Bicester Heritage, there might be a chance to enjoy the 100 classic vehicles.

The Scramble event itself has already sold out of tickets, but they guarantee a slot for the Hagerty drivers as part of their entry to the run.

Once at Bicester, Hagerty also guarantees a parking spot for the whole day. Guests can simply relax and enjoy the show provided by Hagerty.

Only 100 drive slots are available. Each drive slot is a great chance to raise much-needed funds for the NSPCC through the purchase of official Drive It Day plaque for only £10. For those who will register for the Hagerty Drive It Day event will give each entrant access to free tea and coffee, entry to the Bicester Heritage Sunday Scramble which is already sold out, as well as all-day Hagerty private parking. A donation of only £10 to the NSPCC gives the donor an exclusive Drive it Day run plaque.

“Hagerty is famous for providing engaging events and activities for classic and collector car enthusiasts, so what better way to start our 2022 event season than with a 100-car drive. I look forward to meeting all the drivers when we welcome them at our Northamptonshire HQ ahead of the run to Bicester Heritage, and while the April Scramble is already sold out we are able to invite 100 additional cars as part of the Hagerty 2022 Scramble sponsorship agreement,” Hagerty International Managing Director Mark Roper shared.

The event and the places are strictly limited to 100 cars to be offered on a first come, first served basis. Those who have tried to reserve a place will get an email confirmation of their entry.

To register, please complete this form.

To donate to the NSPCC (with an exclusive run plaque), please click here.

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Title: 100-car Drive It Day Run Hosted By Hagerty
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Published Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2022 16:10:14 +0000

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