Learning how to look more attractive is easier than you might think.

As with anything in life, it’s all about getting the basics right first.

Imagine two men – one builds his house on wet mud, and the other builds his house on a solid concrete base. Which of these two guys is gonna successfully create a sturdy, reliable home?

The second guy, right? The one that built his house on a solid, reliable foundation.

So how can you apply this theory to your own style? What are those all-important style basics that every man should know when building his personal style image?

You know me, gents. I love giving actionable style advice to help improve your image and make you feel great.

Here we go; in today’s article, I’m gonna run you through my 10 top tips to boost your style in seconds.

Let’s get to it.

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Style Tip #1: Take A Daily Shower

A man that stinks is not attractive – simple.

Guys, I know it should go without saying, but some of you gents out there might need a quick reminder. Knowing how to look more attractive as a man sometimes comes down to the most basic hygiene routines.

Taking a daily shower is one of the simplest ways for a man to instantly up his attraction levels. Jumping in a hot shower before work will make your skin cleaner, make you smell better, and improve your mood for the day.

In fact, Drench.co.uk did some research on the psychology of showering and found that:

‘The process of showering and the environment provided promotes positive mental thought and creativity. A lot of us will find ourselves deep in thought when taking a shower, be that contemplating the day’s events or planning how to become the next Steve Jobs.’

In short – taking just 5 minutes to shower in the morning has the potential to make you clean and focused in both body and mind.


Style Tip #2: Use Appropriate Hair Products

This one’s a little less obvious.

It’s important to know which hair products suit your personal hairstyle.

The reason for this is simple; different hair products are designed to achieve different looks with hair of different lengths. Making the wrong choice can have disastrous consequences for your personal style and can actually be pretty frustrating.

For those not in the know, here’s a short breakdown of the different hair products you need to know about:

Hair Gel

A medium hold product that’s suited to most hair types.

Hair Gel is designed to create a high shine finish. As such, those wishing to style their hair with a ‘wet look’ should consider investing in this product.

Hair Creme

Creme provides a lighter hold than most hair products. This makes it perfect for fine/medium hair types.

Those with thinner hair wishing to create a volumized look should consider this product suitable for their hairstyles. Thinner hair does not require a product with a lot of hold.


In contrast, a pomade is far more suited to thicker hair types.

This product provides a medium level hold and won’t give your hair a ‘crunchy’ feel (like a gel would).

Hair Clay/Mud

Hair clay/mud is designed for medium-thick hair and will provide the maximum hold of all the hair products I’ve mentioned here.

Clay/mud is great for creating a textured look with a matte finish.


Style Tip #3: Exercise For 10 Minutes A Day

We’re all busy men. I get it, gents – sometimes exercise isn’t at the top of our priorities list.

However, you should know that fitting just 10 minutes of exercise into your daily routine can vastly improve your style throughout the day.

In the morning, your body is waking up and getting itself going. We all look in the mirror first thing and see two worrying things:

  • Puffy eyes
  • Poor complexion

Going for a quick run in the morning is actually a great way of solving these problems.

Get that heart pumping and do a bit of exercise. Even just a short amount will do the trick – your aim isn’t to burn 1000 calories; it’s just to get your blood pumping and your body moving.

Do this, and you’ll see an instant reduction in that puffy, sleepy complexion as more blood will be moving throughout your problem areas.


Style Tip #4: Wear A Great Fragrance 

In the immortal words of Mr. Tom Ford:

‘The way you smell can make as much of an impression, if not more, than the way you look.’

In short, getting your scent right is just as important as getting your outfit right – whether that be through a great cologne or a great deodorant.

The key to getting your scent right is to ensure you know the basics of wearing a fragrance.

I could write an entire book on this topic, but to reduce the key facts down for you guys, you need to consider the following:

  • Projection – Connotes how far the scent travels through the air surrounding the wearer.
  • Sillage – Describes the length of time a scent lingers in the air around the wearer.
  • Longevity – A measure of the lasting power of a fragrance while on the skin of the wearer.

Typically – the best men’s fragrance will have a high projection and sillage and will also last a long time on the skin. However, the keynotes within a fragrance will affect all of this as well.

It’s also important to consider the time of year.

  • Summer fragrances are made up of lighter notes such as citrus and floral notes and last on average 5-7 hours.
  • Winter fragrances commonly utilize intense base notes such as wood and tobacco, and last at least 10 hours.


Style Tip #5: Stand Up Straight

Posture is one of those things that you don’t notice about yourself.

Unfortunately, everyone else who looks at you can see what your posture is like and judge you on it. Bad posture can make you look shorter and fatter than you actually are.

To tell whether or not you have bad posture, ask yourself the following:

  1. Are my ears lining up with the middle of my shoulders?
  2. Does my back feel straight?
  3. Do my knees, hips, and shoulders fall in line with one another?

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘No!’, then chances are you have some form of bad posture.

posture infographic 1

My advice to anyone aiming to fix their posture is to pay attention to the centerline of your body. Try to imagine that you have a metal rod running from the back of your neck to the base of your spine.

Good posture won’t appear overnight, but practice makes perfect, so keep imagining that metal rod and good posture will eventually become second nature.


Style Tip #6: Clean Your Mouth

Guys, you can’t be stylish without good oral hygiene. Having a clean looking mouth and good breath is an essential part of a man’s personal style. It’s so important to keep every aspect of your mouth squeaky clean so that your body and breath are presenting you just as well as your outfit does.

I’m talking about your tongue, gums, and teeth. They’ve got to be kept clean or not even the most expensive, well-tailored suit will save your style game from looking unkempt.

Surveys and studies by Deltadental.com have found that:

‘3 out of 4 millennials only brush their teeth once a day while 48% of adults are concerned about not having an attractive smile as they get older.’

Those are some scary statistics, gents. That means an entire generation of people neglect their teeth, and almost 50% of older men don’t feel confident in their own smile.

There’s a way to solve this, guys – it’s so simple! What did your mom teach you when you were a kid? Brush for two minutes twice a day – once after breakfast and then once before you go to bed.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to clean your tongue! Brushing or scraping the tongue as part of your oral hygiene routine has been found to remove a lot of the bacteria that can cause bad breath.


Style Tip #7: Take Care Of Your Hands

If you saw me in the street, what would you want to do to greet me?

Shake my hand, right?

You’re in luck – my hands are sparkling clean, and my fingernails are well maintained. Nothing gross here, gents, I can assure you. Having well-kept hands is a sure-fire way of showing you know how to look more attractive.

But imagine if my hand was gross and poorly groomed. Would you be as inclined to greet me with a friendly handshake?

The answer is ‘no’ – plain and simple.

Other men will remember you by the first impression you create. So maintaining the skin and nails on your hand should be an essential part of your personal style.

That means ensuring you regularly check your hands for dry skin, dirt, and excessively long nails. I know the image of a man getting a manicure is portrayed as feminine, but I’m not saying you need to book in at your local salon.

Just ensure you moisturize daily, clean your hands when they get grubby and cut your nails to a sensible length weekly.


Style Tip #8: Wear A Well Fitting Shirt

Do you know how to look more attractive by simply changing up your shirt choices?

It’s so simple, guys – buy a shirt that fits you properly. A well-fitting shirt will flatter your figure and make you look well proportioned, regardless of your body type.

For those not in the know, a shirt that hangs loosely or balloons around the waist when tucked in is too loose. A shirt that pinches or bunches up with movement is too tight.

dress shirt fit infographic

The proper fit for a shirt is easy to judge visually: the two sides of the collar should meet neatly at the throat, with no overlap and no gap requiring the button to stretch tightly.

The collar should extend a half-inch above the collar of a suit jacket or sport coat. The sleeve’s cuffs should reach all the way over the joining of the hand and wrist, easily found by the two large knobs of bone on either side of it.

At the bottom, the shirt should fall four to six inches past the waistband of the trousers, giving enough extra cloth for the shirt to be tucked in.


Style Tip #9: Shine Your Shoes

Picture this: a successful looking guy in a tailored, navy blue suit. He’s carrying a leather briefcase and checks the time on his Rolex.

Sounds pretty stylish, doesn’t he? This man must know how to look more attractive than other men.

Now imagine that same guy wearing a pair of tattered, scuffed, and dull shoes with his outfit. It’s ruined his stylish aesthetic, right?

That’s why it’s so important that you shine your shoes when dressing for work. You might not be a guy with a tailored suit and a Rolex, but you still need to portray yourself as a well put together professional.

shoe shine

It’s a fact; you’re not going to be able to achieve that professional look if your footwear is mismatched from the rest of your outfit.

Shining shoes isn’t something you should rush. But if you’re in a hurry, here’s a quick 3 step guide on how to get your footwear looking great:

  1. Clean – Brush off the dirt coating your shoes with a bristle shoe brush.
  2. Polish – Use a cloth to rub a color appropriate shoe polish onto your shoes in small circular motions.
  3. Buff – After letting the polish dry, take your shoe brush and lightly work away at the leather’s surface.


Style Tip #10: Leverage A Pocket Square

So what if you’re already a sharply dressed, well-groomed man? Is there a way for you to improve your understanding of how to look more attractive than you already do?

There sure is – it’s all about taking care of those finer, finishing touches to your style.

Leveraging a pocket square is a great way of doing this. Pocket squares are an often-overlooked touch that can set a well-dressed man apart from the crowd.

They are an individual article of clothing and should not match the tie or anything else in your ensemble, but they should work with the overall color scheme and not distract from the ensemble as a whole.

My advice to men wanting to add an element of classic style to their outfit would be to opt for a white pocket square folded in the square, or ‘Presidential’ style.

Leveraging a pocket square in this way adds a classic style to any suit without being creating too much of a ‘statement’ look.


10 Top Tips To Boost Your Style In Seconds

Looking stylish isn’t easy, guys – it takes careful consideration to build a personal style profile that will make you look consistently attractive to those around you.

However, with a bit of hard work applying the teachings of yours truly, you should be able to consistently improve your style by applying the above easy-to-implement top tips.

Remember, style isn’t about fitting a mold or mimicking someone else’s entire wardrobe. Instead, it’s about knowing the basic principles and applying them to your own lifestyle needs.

Beyond that, it’s all down to you.

Good luck, gentlemen.

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