What if I’d have invested in Bitcoin five years ago? Back in 2015, Bitcoin would have been one of the best things for men to buy.

Had I invested when the time was right, I’d probably be a multimillionaire by now.

You know what they say about hindsight, guys.

Every man has those moments he looks back on and regrets not acting sooner. Whether it be a great deal on a watch, a new piece of tech, or a share in a company – so many men let great opportunities pass them by simply through a lack of awareness of what’s hot and what’s not.

So how can we, as modern men, get ahead of the game and start to invest in the good stuff before the trend starts?

After all, the early bird catches the worm – and let me tell you, if worms were as valuable as Tesla stocks are right now, then I’d be trying to catch as many as I could.

In theory – predicting future trends requires us only to look at the trends of the past. The key is to assess what the best things for men to buy in the past were and learn from those going forward into the future.

Which is exactly what I plan to do in this article.

Stick with me, guys; I’m going to run you through the top 10 things I wish I’d have invested money in before they became market superstars in 2020.

Let’s get to it.


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When Bitcoin launched in 2009, the average price of a single coin was roughly two dollars.

Fast forward to 2017, when the average price of a single bitcoin skyrocketed as it began to be sold for around $18,000.

Gents, even the most experienced Investment Banker will tell you that’s one hell of an increase. You don’t need to be on Wallstreet to see that.

Can you guys imagine being one of the first people to invest in Bitcoin back in 2009? If you’d have had the forethought to keep a hold of some Bitcoins for a rainy day, that dollar bitcoin could have turned over a very healthy profit less than 10 years down the line.

Now, chances are you wouldn’t have held onto a few bitcoins for long enough to benefit from that kind of turnover. Most people ended up spending their bitcoins way before the market increase of 2017.

However, I bet there are a few guys out there who made an absolute killing on a few bitcoins they forgot they even invested in back in 2009.

Lucky sons of a gun.


A Bike

No, I’m not talking about a Harley. I mean the sort of bike you pedal – the healthy kind.

According to statistics:

‘The number of cyclists/bike riders in the U.S. has increased over the past three years, from around 43 million to 47.5 million in 2017.’ – Statista.com

To put that into perspective, that’s about the same number of people as Spain’s population.

It’s been a big thing in recent years – cycling is not only a great way of keeping fit, but it’s also a very efficient form of transport. In fact, cycling is widely recognized as the world’s most efficient form of transport with an energy conversion percentage of around 98%.

What’s more? You can pick up a bike for less than $200 – what’s not to love?


A Great Fragrance

Every man should have his own ‘signature scent’.

Guys, Axe body spray just isn’t going to cut it.

I wish I’d have realized this sooner in life. A man’s fragrance is one of the best things for men to buy as it can have even more of a social impact than the outfit he wears.

After all, when you leave a room, the scent you’re wearing is often left behind.

Think about that from a woman’s point of view – is the lingering smell of cheap body spray really going to make you excited for a second date?

Experimenting with and carefully selecting the perfect scent can be a great daily ritual for men to take part in every morning. Consider it part of your everyday armor – the lasting impression you leave behind you when you depart from a room. Don’t let it be cheap smelling and crude.


Slim Fit Jeans

Okay, I know what you’re thinking: ‘Antonio, you’re always telling us not to buy skinny fit jeans!’

I do not deny that, gents. But I’m also not talking about skinny fit jeans.

Slim fit jeans couldn’t be more different than a pair of those awkward man-tights some people call skinny jeans.

In short – slim fit jeans are the perfect balance between masculine-looking straight fit jeans and a flattering pair of tailored trousers. Sometimes straight fit jeans can look a bit too baggy – the slim fit jean improves on that by tapering in slightly at the calves. This slimmer design creates a more flattering silhouette and can help make the wearer appear thinner and even taller.

Don’t believe me? GQ magazine asked women what they thought of a man’s choice of jeans:

“A great pair of slim, dark jeans look so cool on a man’s body—since they’re fairly straight up and down (compared to a woman’s curvier figure), something about the silhouette just looks so right with a sharp jacket and great boots.”—Kristi, 25. GQ Magazine.

I was just like you guys. I heard the term ‘slim fit’ and assumed it was synonymous with ‘skinny fit’. That isn’t the case, gentlemen. Slim fit jeans are a great option for more smart-casual outfits where a tailored silhouette is more appropriate and are definitely on my list of the best things for men to buy.



I speak about boots a lot.


Simple: boots are freaking awesome.

There was a time in my life where I’d spend the winter months with cold ankles and wet feet. I’d never wear boots with a suit because I thought I would be breaking one of the fundamental rules of men’s style.

Oh, how wrong I was.

You can both dress up and dress down a well-made pair of boots. For example, Chelsea boots are formal enough to be worn with a work suit while also casual enough to dress down with a pair of slim-fit jeans.

What’s more, a good pair of boots keep your feet and ankles protected from the harsh winter elements and provide great comfort when treading rough terrain. The word that comes to mind is ‘versatile’, which makes a pair of leather boots one of the best things for men to buy.


A Hat

Hats aren’t just for cowboys, gents.

You don’t see many men sporting hats nowadays. This is a shame, seeing as they can be a functional and fashionable addition to any man’s wardrobe.

Now, there’s a huge difference between a stylish flat cap and a 10-gallon cowboy number. Choosing the right hat for your head can be a challenge and may take a bit of trial and error to finally get right.

Some hats to avoid wearing regularly:

  • Cowboy hats – a bit too John Wayne for most men to pull off.
  • Fedoras – the cliche ‘neckbeard’ look isn’t one you want to associate with!
  • Top hats – this isn’t 1865, gents.
  • Sports caps – these are okay when supporting your home team at an event, but not for everyday wear.

In the summer – opt instead for a Panama hat. This is a classic look that elevates the wearer’s style without making too much of a statement.

In the winter – opt for a flat cap. As a more stylish alternative to the wooly hat, the flat cap’s thicker material keeps the head warm and dry.



Don’t you hate it when wires get tangled in your pocket?

I swear I’ve spent days of my life trying to untangle wires, only to have them re-tangle when I store them away again.

That’s why Airpods are an absolute game-changer – say goodbye to wires forever.

The great thing about Airpods is their convenience. As a guy who remembers the days of the Sony Walkman and bulky, over-ear headphones – to be able to play my music through tiny earbuds that fit in my pocket is absolutely incredible and proves that Airpods are some of the best things for men to buy.

Not only that, but they also allow you to take phone calls, dictate to Siri, and cancel out background noise, all with a tap of the finger. What’s more? No buttons… it’s all touch-sensitive.

Now I know I sound like an old guy getting excited about ‘today’s modern technology’ – but let’s face it, Airpods are really cool.



Guys – this is an interesting one.

Turtlenecks can be a fashion dream or a fashion disaster – there isn’t really a middle ground, which can put many men off of wearing them.

However, if a man takes the appropriate precautions and does the research, a well-fitting turtle neck can add a hint of modern class to both a suit and casual outfit.

Essentially, turtle necks come in two forms:

The Chunky Knit Turtleneck

A chunky knit turtleneck sweater is the sort you might see hardened fishermen wearing in the movies. They are usually woven from thick, hardy wool and look visibly bulky. Often, they feature a cable knit pattern on the front of the body.

With regards to this type of turtleneck, the name of the game is casual wear.

chunky turtleneck - the best things for men to buy

Unlike its slimline cousin, the chunky turtleneck gives off a more casual aesthetic. The thicker material creates a more relaxed silhouette not in keeping with the tailored look of most modern suits.

When wearing a chunky knit turtleneck, opt for dark wash jeans and winter boots to create a great cold-weather outfit.

Slim-Cut Cotton Turtleneck

A slim-cut turtleneck is a better option to choose when wearing a suit.

In contrast to its chunky counterpart, the cotton turtleneck creates a far sleeker silhouette. Typically, the cotton of a slim-cut turtleneck is similar in weight to a dress shirt’s cotton.

turtleneck with a suit - the best things for men to buy

As a result, a slim-cut turtleneck can match perfectly with a well-tailored suit and provide the wearer with a unique opportunity to add some color to his outfit. Popular shades include maroon, burnt orange, and beige.


A Great Watch

A reliable watch is a life-changing thing – it’s honestly one of the best things for men to buy.

There was a time in my life when I would buy several cheap watches a year. Sure, I knew there were better watches out there, but I couldn’t bring myself to spend the big bucks on a decent timepiece.

It’s a big deal – dropping a few hundred (if not a few thousand) dollars on a single watch is scary. But let me tell you, once I’d done it, I realized it was one of the best purchases I ever made.

rolex - the best things for men to buy

Paying that little bit more and grabbing a Quartz or Swiss Quartz watch will change your life. Honestly, if you look after it properly, a good watch will keep accurate time for the rest of your life.

In short, a Quartz watch refers to a watch that leverages an electronic mechanism regulated by a quartz crystal. That means it’s super accurate and reliable.

Shopping for a great watch is costly but well worth the money. For some inspiration, check out these luxury watch brands:

    • Omega Watches – starting at around $2000
    • Tag Heuer Watches – starting at around $1000
    • Rolex Watches – starting at around $5000



What are man boxes, you ask?

Gents – get ready for your minds to be blown.

Manboxes are a type of subscription. Basically, you pay a subscription fee of around $10-$40 and receive a box of awesome men’s accessories every month.

Depending on the provider, manboxes can include anything from shaving accessories to awesome gadgets.

lootboxes - the best things for men to buy

It’s all about convenience. Since signing up to a few myself, I haven’t had to go to the store once to buy for those annoying everyday essentials I always seem to run out of.

Shaving cream? Received monthly.

Razors? Delivered straight to my door.

You can even get manboxes containing colognes, food, and model figurines. In 2020, there’s pretty much a man box for anything.

To start you off, some great manboxes include:

      • Dollar Shave Club – you guessed it… razors!
      • ButcherBox – A monthly delivery of great quality meat.
      • Lootbox – A great option for guys into gaming.


10 Investments I Wish I’d Made Earlier (Things Every Man Should Own)

So that’s it, guys – 10 awesome investments that I wished I’d made that little bit sooner. All of them deserve their place on my list of the best things for men to buy.

It goes without saying that not all of these investments will be right for every man out there. I’m sure you gents can think of a few different things you missed out on over the years.

However, the key to moving forward is to recognize those trends that you missed. With enough reflection, you might even be able to spot the next big thing before it rises in popularity.

Let’s be honest; the best things for men to buy are the things that make us happy. For more inspiration on what’s right for you, check out my list of items every successful man should own to level up his life. 

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