Ideally, your choice of which car to buy should come down to preference and price range. In theory, if you can afford a car that you like, that should be the car you drive. However, the reality is that some cars are far more expensive to drive than others. This is because of fuel consumption, as well as maintenance and repairs.

While there are some cars which will cost an arm and a leg to drive – including heavy duty vehicles that eat up a lot of fuel – other cars are extremely cost-effective. We’re going to focus on new cars rather than used cars, as the performance of pre-owned cars depends on a number of factors that are impossible to take into account.

Remember that one of the unavoidable expenses regardless of which car you drive is auto insurance. With car insurance, premiums are priced according to risk, and so cheaper cars don’t necessarily come with low insurance price tags. Take this into consideration when choosing a cheap car to drive.

If you’re wondering about which cars will save you money on the road, here are the 10 cheapest cars to drive in 2022.

10. Chevrolet Spark

The Chevrolet Spark is extremely cheap to run and maintain. Because it is lightweight, it is light on fuel. It is also uncomplicated, and as such has fewer features that are expensive to maintain. It is a great first car, but for seasoned drivers the money saved comes at the price of driving pleasure. While it will perform perfectly fine, it is small and lacks power.

9. Toyota Corolla

Toyotas are renowned for being reliable, and as such they are cheap to drive and maintain. The Corolla is becoming associated with rideshare drivers, but if you don’t mind being mistaken for someone’s lift, it is a great car to drive.

8. Ford F150

If you are looking for a truck, the Ford F150 is extremely reliable. While trucks are going to be more expensive to maintain than traditional cars, the Ford F150 will keep maintenance costs to a minimum and won’t rack up fuel costs either.

7. Ford Mustang

Buying a Ford Mustang will cost you significantly more than a Chevrolet Spark or something in that class. However, you will find that maintenance and fuel are not much more expensive. The Ford Mustang is a popular car for a reason – in addition to looking and feeling great on the road, it has become extremely reliable.

6. Nissan Versa

If you want to spend less on a four-door sedan, the Nissan Versa is a good option for 2022. It is not the most exciting car, but it is reliable and has enough power to feel good on the road.

5. Kia Sportage

A crossover SUV like the KIA Sportage may look like it would be more expensive to run. However, it is a fuel-efficient and reliable vehicle that is perfect for anyone who wants a bit more from their car on the road. In addition to being cheap to run, it is one of the cheapest crossover SUVs available.

4. Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is neck-on-neck with the Kia Sportage in terms of both price and reliability. It just edges the Kia in its class, but the differences are not so big as to make your choice anything but a matter of preference.

3. Honda Fit

The Honda Fit is one of the cheapest cars on this list to buy, and is also incredibly cost-effective to drive and maintain. Unlike the Chevrolet Spark, the Honda

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