Did you know that more than 70% of the way you communicate is body language?

From facial expressions, where you put your hands, and even the way you stand can tell someone a lot about what you’re thinking and feeling.

Women tend to be better than men at gauging emotions through facial expressions. So when it comes to attracting women, it’s not so much what you say that’s important, but how she reads what your body tells her.

In this article, we’re going to look at 10 men’s body language cues ladies can’t resist.

Let’s get started…

#1 Consistent Eye Contact

Even if you get the rest of your body language perfect – if you can’t look her in the eyes or appear to force eye contact, this will sabotage all of the efforts you’re putting in.

Imagine if you’re talking to someone and they are staring directly into your eyes without blinking for a long period of time – this would make you feel uncomfortable. Likewise, if you’re talking with someone who is looking anywhere and everywhere but your eyes, you’d feel like they aren’t listening.

So how do you find the balance? 

Well, according to research at Michigan State University, you should be making eye contact 50% of the time while talking and 70% of the time while listening. So what this means for you is to make eye contact with the women for about 4-5 seconds at a time.

So just long enough for you to smile and carry on the conversation. 

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#2 Unroll Your Shoulders

men's shoulders is attractive body language cue

If, like 65 million other Americans, you spend time on your computer for hours per day, then you may have issues with your posture. But poor posture is the least of your concerns when trying to attract women. 

When you slump your shoulders, it gives the impression that you’re intimidated by the people around you. 

This might not even be the case, and you may not realize that your posture makes it look like you want to hide from the world.

If you’re conscious of the body language cues that ladies can’t resist, then you’ll want to do this one small trick – pull your shoulders back and keep them there. It’s that simple! Yes, you may feel uncomfortable at first, but you’ll strengthen your back and look far more confident to women over time.

#3 Take A Stance

man's posture is important body language cue

Women are attracted to confident men, and the key to alluding to your confidence is how you stand. 

Keeping your feet shoulder-width apart and locking back your shoulders will indicate that you have both strength and confidence. Next, keep your chin up and leave your arms by your sides. 

When talking to a woman, make sure you point your feet at her so that she can see you squarely – if she is talking to you and you’re facing away, or to the side, she might take this as a sign that you don’t like her.

#4 Think About Your Hands

Believe it or not, another body language cue that attracts women is how approachable you are – and your hands can play a huge role in showing this.

Showing even just a little bit of your palms tells women that you are open and comfortable. This will help put her at ease and makes you available in the moment. 

Don’t just stand there waving your palm in her face though, use your hand gestures that involve putting your palms up when you’re talking with her. 

#5 Show Interest

man showing interest in womans talk is attractive

Women are attracted to men who listen, and your body language will tell her if you’re really listening to her.

As already mentioned, show her you’re listening to her and are attracted to her by facing her directly. Give her all the attention she needs and wants, and be present in the moment.

The conversation will flow smoothly, and she’ll pick up on your intentions. 

#6 Fight Your Fidget

man stroking beard

Do you shake your leg or fidget with things in your hands? 

This can be a sign that you’re nervous and gives women an indication that you’re either out of control or you’re not interested.

If you’re meeting a woman for the first time, this can be off-putting. However, showing self-control and not fidgeting through controlled and collected movements will instantly make you more attractive.

If women love men with confidence, your controlled and purposeful movements will definitely indicate that you are more certain – making everyone around you feel more comfortable.

Remember: you’re not a robot, so don’t do everything in slow motion!

#7 Fix Your Clothes

man fixing clothes is an attractive body language cue

When a woman approaches you, show her that you’re interested in her by fixing your clothes.

This might sound redundant from point number 6, but this small gesture will show her that you take pride in yourself. If you do this often enough around her, she’ll know that you do it for her.

You can also achieve this by ‘fixing’ your hair or simply sorting out your sleeve. The trick is that it looks as natural as possible. This is because you are doing it for her. 

#8 Keep Enough Personal Space To Be Comfortable

man sitting in relaxed pose

Whether you are at work, on public transport, a bar, etc., women who sit by you will notice if you’re comfortable. 

Now don’t get manspreading and making her uncomfortable by taking up more space than you need. Instead, you should own the space you have – placing your phone and keys on the table, leaning back, and relaxing.

If you’re in a space that’s too small for you, you’ll look like you’re shrinking and shying away from her. On the other hand, women are attracted to men that see them as equal and cooperate with them.

Just a tiny note: always sit directly opposite her if you can – this makes showing her how interested you are in her much easier. 

#9 The Welcome Walk

confident walk is an attractive body language signal

Imagine you’re walking down the street, and you see a guy walking towards you with his head down, hands in his pockets, and he’s in his own world. What impression does this give you?

This man is unapproachable, but you don’t have to be. Remember to walk with your head held high, shoulders back, and your chest out. This is about being open to the world and comfortable with where your surroundings.

#10 Mirror Her Moves

Mirroring someone’s mannerisms is a way you can show them that you’re listening, you agree with them, and you feel the same way. It builds familiarity and gives women a sense that you’re paying attention.

When we talk about mirroring a woman’s moves, we don’t mean in a way that looks like you’re making fun of her – think more along the lines of small gestures, a head tilt, placing your hand on your chin, that sort of thing.

Again, this will show her that you’re interested and make her more attracted to you because you’re showing her respect. 

Don’t Do This

Do not ever cross your arms when talking to a woman you are interested in. Crossing your arms is a sign that you don’t want to be approached. It closes off your physical body, making it seem like you don’t want to engage with anyone.

Final Thoughts For Body Language Cues That Ladies Can’t Resist

Women are attracted to confident men who can show them how much they care. Your body language does most of the talking and gives subtle hints that you’re interested in her.

Don’t shy away from the world, and obviously, but you still need to speak to her. These small gestures can paint a picture that makes her feel comfortable, supported, and on equal footing with you.

Make sure that you put your most confident self forward and show her that she has your attention. Then, when you’re ready to ask her out, you’re more likely to hear “Yes!”

Also, remember that practice makes perfect, so practice your stance, your walk, your eye contact – it all adds up and makes women more attracted to you.

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