For years after the 1966 GT350 convertibles were produced, the cars remained shrouded in confusion and misunderstanding. Initially, the hobby at large believed that a total of six convertibles were produced at the end of 1966 GT350 production. This was before, in 1987, documentation was unearthed in Carroll Shelby’s Gardena office that confirmed otherwise. Chief among those documents was an order dated June 7, 1966, specifying “Four experimental convertibles are being run through the shop at present time … One of these units is sold and the other three will be used for test purposes in anticipation of a 1967½ GT350 convertible.” Given that information and the subsequent discovery that two of the then “existing” 1966 convertibles were nothing but figments of the owners’ imaginations, what remains clear is that only four 1966 GT350 convertibles were produced.

Put simply, here is what is known with absolute confidence today about these legendary Shelby Mustangs. They were the final four examples of the first-generation 1965-66 GT350s. All four 1966 convertibles were painted different colors

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By: Edward Jones
Title: 1 of 4 1966 Shelby GT350 Convertibles Built Being Auctioned at Mecum Indy 2020
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Published Date: Thu, 02 Jul 2020 13:09:04 +0000




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